If you have never before heard about the speedtest ookla, then it’s better to keep on reading this article. Ookla is the best company in the world to offer you accurate results about your network speed. You may believe you have the best speed in the world, but this could be wrong. Then you may regret the money you pay for your monthly telephone bill.

Thanks to the ookla technology, you can be sure about the exact speed of the line that reaches your computer. Also it can give you a direct image of what is going on with your connection. So it’s better to know more about it and have a thorough review of what ookla means and how it manages to measure the internet speed no matter the technical difficulties that are always there.

Ookla Takes Measurements From Various Ports

First, ookla works by taking different measurements from the various communication data ports of your router. It’s not only the traditional 8088 port that is measured for the direct data exchange speed. You can expect to have the ookla speedometer to give you an average estimate of the data chunks received to your router every single second 

The ookla speedometer takes advantage of all the previous measurements you have made throughout the day. It also gives you an estimate of what would be the final speed without any prejudice about your data quality. 

No matter the CPU of your computer ookla speedometer will only stick to the facts of data transferring in various ports. That will make you more secure about the results, and you can either call the phone company for explanations. Alternatively you can  ask for an optical fiber to improve your data connections.

It Gives You the Average Download Speed

Ookla cannot give you the momentum download speed of any certain port. In other words, since most of the data lines have variable speeds, it’s better to have many inputs. Then try to get the average download speed for the time being. 

In this way, you will be sure about the final speed that will be available to your computer and smartphones. Then you can make a rough estimation of the time needed to open certain applications and do things on your computer that would require a fast data transfer.

Then Ookla Tries to Check the Upload Speed

The uploading data speed is another estimate that ookla makes when you are done with the downloading data measurements. It can take inputs from all the data ports and give you an extract of the average time it takes your computer to pack all the data for transferring. Also estimates the time to send them to the main server. For many people, that process may take longer than the downloading. That is something all computer people are used to and don’t complain about. 

Ookla will give you the average estimate of the uploading time in milliseconds. That will offer you the chance to know how your computer and internal network react to all the necessary trends. That is useful when you need to send large data sets to other people that are thousands of miles away from you.

Ookla Speed Test Is Valid only on VSDL Lines

When you want to test your network data transfer speed, it’s better to do that only on VDSL lines. Of course, it’s hard to find a line that is not VDSL today, but there are some countries where the network lines are still two decades before. These are  in precedented standards that may look unfamiliar to ookla. 

VDSL lines are capable of supporting the ookla data speed measuring technology in various ways. It can give you average measurements of the data chunks that pass through the home router and go to the main server and vice versa. That means VDSL technology remains the most robust one to support the ookla measurements and make them more valid than ever before.

Speedtest Is Good In Any Country in the World

Finally, ookla managed to expand in any country around the world since the world wide web is now truly global. You can have a measurement of any phone line no matter where the server could be. Ookla can measure the chunks sent from one computer to the other right away and without considering the routers’ specific requirements.

 For that reason, ookla remains the most subjective internet speed measurement around the world and the one that remains the most impressive and . That is true no matter the specific conditions valid in the country of origin.


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