Today the speed test ookla is one of the most impressive and important measurements that every phone or cable company would like to advertise. People believe in ookla results since they are objective and give a precise view of the network abilities. It expands even in the line that reaches your house or office. 

Many people don’t get a new internet line if they haven’t tested the cable coming to their homes. Others who like to use the satellite internet service try to get an idea of the ookla speed test before they sign a multi-year contract with these companies. They care for the internet service that will come directly to their premises.

Even though ookla speed test results are necessary for you to choose the right provider, it seems like there are a few people that can read it right. Today we are going to present to you the best way to read these results. Also you may know how they could be better interpreted from the average user. Since you may not know all the parameters of the test, it’s always better to check it twice. You may also give the results to an expert to give you a precise explanation of what they mean.

Some people are ok with a median internet speed since they only need to check their emails and watch YouTube on their connected computers or smartphones. However, other business people need to be online in meetings all day, and that needs a good internet speed and great bandwidth. It would be crucial to finally decide to sign with one or the other provider. Let’s take a deep dive into the ookla measurement secrets and how we could read the results better and more efficiently.

Ping and Latency Are the More Important Measurements

Ping is always measured in milliseconds. That number is usually close to 30 or 40 and can be anywhere within that range. The ping or latency means how many milliseconds your computer needs to send the request for data connection to the main server. It all happens through your router. It’s an impressive measurement that gives you the chance to know more about your landline. 

The ping time is lower when you have an optical fiber line and greater when you go with a traditional steel or copper line. However, ping time has to do with the location of the server for the site you are looking for and want to connect. For instance, if you are having a connection to the other side of the world (let’s say you search a Chinese wholesaler’s site) then you may expect that the ping time would be greater.

The closest your internet provider’s server to the site you want to reach the lower the ping time. That is something that will give you an exact estimate of your speed and will make you advocate for the one or the other provider network.

Download Speed Measurement Remains the King of Results

Downloading speed is the master of measurements. It can be measured in Megabits per second and the higher it can be the better for your internet speed. The download speed has to do with the time your computer needs to fully open a new site and let you read all the page components. It’s a variable speed that has to do with the conditions of the network at the time of the measurement. It can give you a direct touch of what you need to do to improve that speed.

Upload Data Speed Measurement Is Also Important

Uploading speed is also measured in Megabits per second. It’s not such an important ookla speed test when you are referring to people who only read online and don’t post anything. However, if you belong to the small part of people that constantly upload videos and pictures to social media accounts then you need to have a decent uploading speed on your network too.

What to Do To Get More Accurate Results?

When you want to have more accurate ookla speed test results, it’s better to test the internet speed at night. When it’s night, most users are not connected, and you can have a more objective image of the network.

Finally, the connection through the Ethernet cable gives you better ookla speed test results than the one with the Wi-Fi connection. That happens for obvious reasons.  These have to do with the direct speed of the wire, which is always greater than the one of the radio signals coming out of the router. So ookla speed tests could be better when you have a wired connection.

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