Most computer users and network operators use the ookla speed test to ensure that their VPN would hide their real identity. It can make them more prominent and secure in the mysterious online world. 

For many people, the VPN remains a wall of protection against all the Trojan Horses and other viruses and worms coming from malicious people. They could want to gain control of their computers and steal their valuable data. Even though you know that having data online could never be 100% safe, being over a VPN can make you feel more secure. It may give you the chance to browse freely no matter what happens around you.

Today we will check what ookla VPN can do for the average computer network user and how it can make you more secure. That of course no matter the external threats that you may face all the time you are logged in to the world wide web.

Ookla VPN Hides Your Real Network Position From Others

 VPN constantly lets you change the IP address of your computer and that is something done through a very complicated process. You only need to buy some registration to the  services, and the VPN is offered to you by default. That will get you eligible to use the hide position. Then other regular users could never check where you are typing and sending data from.

Of course, that has to do with normal internet users. However, if you have to deal with a real hacker,  VPN does not offer secure protection. On the other hand, who can know who you are and give you the threat of an attack?

Ookla Applies the Best Firewalls in the World

If you don’t know anything about VPNs and other types of internet protection, then it’s better to know that has developed one of the best firewalls in the world. Those firewalls act like a constant police force that checks the chunks of data coming to your computer from the sites you are trying to log in.

If anything is wrong with the secure HTML of the sites you are trying to log in, then the VPN firewall does not allow you to connect. It gives you a firewall warning. You need to overrun that function to get connected, but you may do so at your own risk.

Through Ookla VPN, you can Have a DDoS Protection

Besides malicious activity, you can have some DDoS that pose an extra threat to your computer. The VPN can slow down the access of certain people trying to connect to your local network and check their profiles online. Only when the DDoS protection shows the green light could anyone connect to the internal network. That is huge protection coming directly from the VPN technology. People who had the awful experience of a DDoS attack on their sites say that they have lost control over them for several days. Some of them paid ransom to people who had malicious intent.

Ping Time in Ookla VPN Can Get Adjusted for the Best Protection

When you are inside the VPN protection, you may adjust the ping time for your sites. That gives you the chance to check first the site certificates of every person trying to connect and then give permission to connect. With that service, you can automatically exclude users who try to connect from certain countries that are notorious for their hackers.  There is a good chance they are disguised to a secure site and trying to attack your computer and steal your valuable data.

Ookla VPN Also Send You Reminders For Internet Threats

Finally, VPN can give you a log and reminder of all the threats and attacks it managed to counterattack. That covers all the time you are online working. There is virtually no way to find and identify all the attacks that come towards your internal network through a calendar day.

However, VPN keeps a log of all the daily threats that your system has been exposed to and you can readjust all the parameters.  That can make your computer and internal network a lot safer than before. 

VPN remains one of the top solutions for any physical person or company who wants to have a secure internal network.  At the same time it keeps the connection lines with all the legit servers and sites that operate worldwide. You are free to install the VPN and get your space there, and since you do that, you can feel free and secure again!

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