Indeed jobs remain the most important part of your daily life when you want to increase your income, know new people and make friends. However, as the old rhyme says, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and that is more valid today. That’s because we live in the digital world where things change rapidly. 

Today we will analyze that quote and ensure that you know why being in need could increase the chances you know others better.  You can judge their character from their very position against your problems. People tend to forget others when they are found in a bad situation, and that is why you should know who you should trust without any prejudice or false impression.

Right now, let’s elaborate more on the behavior of the online friends on the Indeed site and elsewhere. Also how you could know better which one is your real partner without any back thoughts and other situations that will jeopardize your normal daily life.

People will Be Close To You When You are Happy and Prosperous

Every time you broadcast yourself online on social media and the Indeed site, you make some friends. These friends see your social image and come closer to you to steal some of your glow and prosperity. You can find yourself having an enormous and expanding number of followers and friends who are there for you as long as you have no clouds in your sky.

Being happy and prosperous gives you a trendy and useful image online, allowing you to become a more influential component of your online work. However, things start getting wrong when you find yourself in financial hardship. Giving your help to others when you are prosperous does not automatically make you eligible to receive the same amount of help. Especially when things go down the hill for you.

When You Find Yourself in a Hardship, Then Many Friends Will Abandon You

Some days you may find yourself in a financial or other type of hardship. The worst type of hardship would be the health problems that are not easy to overcome. These are not directly affected by your will and efforts. That is the time you cannot send signs of glow and prosperity anymore. It’s also the time you will see an initial stop of the new friends acquired online and the gradual leave of the friends you have made so far online.

That is the first signal that your presumed friends would stop following you in the fear that you will ask them to help you in any possible way. People believe that the time is right to go out and ask for help from the people left in your Indeed account. However, that means you should make your presence pitiful which is something other people hate to see. The results could be poor when you are not prepared for the worst scenario. That means to have all the world against you and be left alone to find the solution to your problems.

It’s Always Smart To Pretend to Be In Need To Check Who is Your Real Friend

Even weeks before your actual hardship comes, it’s better to run a test and check which of your Indeed friends are really your friends. These friends will follow you no matter if you are in a happy or a hard situation. So you can make up a story of something happening to you that certainly does not correspond to the actual reality.

However, social media and Indeed have the reality you give them and present things the way you like. That means you can easily pretend you are in the middle of a personal crisis that jeopardizes your well-being and even makes you poorer than before. Pretending that will allow you to see who will stay there to help you in the initial steps. That person is your real friend to know and honor.

When Someone Helps You In Times Of Hardships Then He Is Yours For Real

Finally, you need to understand that people who help you when you are down, are your real friends. Others who leave have no real worth at all for you. The test will reveal who is there for you and give you more chances to re-organize your friends’ circle under a better foundation.

Times of hardship means that others should give you their time and money to allow you to recover. When such people are around you, then you are blessed, and you can use Indeed‘s site a lot more efficiently.

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