Stella Gigante, a captivating character from the acclaimed TV series “Godfather of Harlem,” paints an evocative image of a time steeped in socio-political upheaval. As the daughter of notorious mob boss Vincent Gigante, her character injects a dose of intrigue into the narrative, navigating the treacherous waters of love, loyalty, and power dynamics against the backdrop of the Harlem underworld. The series is a masterful blend of history and drama, and Stella Gigante emerges as a character that viewers find both riveting and relatable.

About Godfather of Harlem

“Godfather of Harlem” is a compelling television series that brilliantly grapples with the dynamics of organized crime, political corruption, and racial tension in the heart of Harlem during the 1960s.

The series spins the tale of real-life crime boss Bumpy Johnson, who returns from prison to find his neighborhood under the ruthless control of the Italian mob. As Bumpy fights to regain control over Harlem, he forms alliances with famous figures of the era like Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr, which adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the narrative.

The character of Stella Gigante further enhances the narrative, introducing a fascinating exploration of family ties and personal ambitions within the heart of the mob world.

Godfather of Harlem Cast

The impressive cast of “Godfather of Harlem” succeeds in bringing this captivating narrative to life. Several talented actors adorn the series, each contributing to the rich tapestry of complex characters and tense relationships:

  • Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson: Whitaker delivers a commanding performance as the infamous crime boss, capturing his strategic mind, fierce determination, and nuanced moral compass.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio as Vincent Gigante: D’Onofrio masterfully portrays the ruthless mob boss and father of Stella Gigante, embodying the character’s cunning, dominance, and volatile temper.
  • Ilfenesh Hadera as Mayme Johnson: Hadera effortlessly portrays Bumpy’s steadfast and wise wife, whose loyalty and love are tested amidst the chaos.
  • Lucy Fry as Stella Gigante: Crowe-Legacy shines as the young, love-struck Stella, delivering a performance that is both compelling and emotionally resonant.
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Who is Stella Gigante?

Stella Gigante, portrayed by Lucy Fry, is a central character in “Godfather of Harlem,” the daughter of the fearsome Italian mob boss, Vincent Gigante. She is a young woman caught in the crossfires of love and duty, grappling with her feelings for Teddy Greene, an African-American musician, amidst the racially charged tensions of 1960s Harlem.

This forbidden love affair, set against her family’s involvement in the mob, creates a captivating storyline. Stella’s character is a blend of vulnerability and resilience, navigating her way through the complex maze of familial obligations, societal norms, and her personal desires. Her portrayal adds a deeply personal and human element to the otherwise harsh and gritty world of crime and power that the series explores.

The Role of Stella Gigante in Godfather of Harlem

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Stella Gigante, brilliantly portrayed by Lucy Fry, plays a pivotal role in the narrative of “Godfather of Harlem.” Her character, caught in a complex web of loyalties and desires, serves as a testament to the many individuals who found themselves swept up in the tumultuous socio-political currents of the 1960s.

Stella’s forbidden love affair with a black musician is not just an exploration of her personal journey towards love and self-discovery, but also an embodiment of Harlem’s racial tensions during this era.

Her struggles, caught between the duties to her mob family and her love for Teddy, further add a layer of depth to the narrative, offering viewers a gripping insight into the human side of organized crime. Finally, Stella’s character is a powerful symbol of rebellion and resilience, daring to defy societal norms and family expectations in her pursuit of love and freedom.

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Who Played The Role of Stella Gigante?

The role of Stella Gigante is brought to life on the screen by the remarkable actress, Lucy Fry. Known for her versatile acting skills, Fry delivers an exceptional performance as Stella, capturing the complexity of the character with poise and nuance. Her portrayal of Stella’s emotional journey, from a naive girl swept up in a forbidden love affair to a resilient woman defying societal norms, is both moving and compelling.

Fry’s performance adds depth to Stella’s character, making her one of the most memorable characters in “Godfather of Harlem”. Her ability to convey Stella’s internal conflict amidst the chaos of the mob world presents viewers with a relatable and human side of this historical narrative.

About Lucy Fry

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Lucy Fry is a talented Australian actress best known for her striking performances in both television and film. Born on March 13, 1992, in Wooloowin, Queensland, Fry’s acting journey began with theater before she transitioned to on-screen roles.

She first gained recognition for her role in the Australian television series “Lightning Point”. However, it was her portrayal of Lissa Dragomir in the 2014 film “Vampire Academy” that truly catapulted her to international fame. Since then, Fry has continued to impress audiences with her diverse acting range in projects such as “Mako Mermaids”, “11.22.63”, and of course, “Godfather of Harlem” where she brilliantly brings to life the character of Stella Gigante.

Fry’s performances are consistently praised for their emotional depth and the authenticity she brings to her characters. Her portrayal of Stella Gigante is a testament to her talent, adding a memorable layer of complexity to the rich narrative of “Godfather of Harlem”.


In conclusion, the character of Stella Gigante, with her complexity and depth, stands as an emblem of the tumultuous times the “Godfather of Harlem” is set in. Her character beautifully encapsulates the personal and societal struggles of a young woman trying to find her way in a world marked by power struggles, racial discrimination, and organized crime. As portrayed brilliantly by Lucy Fry, Stella Gigante is a character who continues to resonate with audiences, making “Godfather of Harlem” a series worth watching.

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Q: Who is Stella Gigante?

Stella Gigante is a character from the TV series “Godfather of Harlem,” portrayed by Lucy Fry. She is the daughter of Italian mob boss, Vincent Gigante, and is torn between her feelings for an African-American musician, Teddy Greene, and her familial obligations.

Q: What is the significance of Stella Gigante’s character in “Godfather of Harlem?”

Stella Gigante’s character serves as a symbol of rebellion and resilience in the series. Her forbidden love affair demonstrates the racial tensions of the 1960s, and her struggle between duty and desire adds depth to the narrative of the show.

Q: Who portrays Stella Gigante in “Godfather of Harlem?”

Stella Gigante is portrayed by the talented Australian actress, Lucy Fry. Her depiction of Stella’s emotional journey and internal conflict brings a memorable, human aspect to the series.

Q: What other roles is Lucy Fry known for?

Apart from her role as Stella Gigante in “Godfather of Harlem”, Lucy Fry is known for her performances in “Lightning Point”, “Vampire Academy”, “Mako Mermaids”, and “11.22.63”.

Q: How does Stella Gigante’s character contribute to the narrative of “Godfather of Harlem?”

Stella Gigante’s character contributes significantly to the narrative by adding a personal and emotional dimension to the otherwise harsh world of crime and power. Her forbidden love affair, defiance of societal norms, and struggle with her mob family obligations provide a gripping insight into the human side of organized crime.

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