7 Effective Ways to Use Push Notifications for Customer Retention



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Today many apps and websites have increased growth to engage consumers on their apps. All this was possible with the help of push notifications. YES! 

Push notification is an incentive for software developers and online marketing companies. It is the most effective method of attracting users. Push notifications are usually sent to consumers via two mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.

When a visitor opts in to get push notifications from your app or website, it indicates that they want you to deliver better, more helpful, and more relevant information. As a brand, you must take this unspoken code seriously. Strategically sending push notifications to consumers can lead to more customer loyalty, which will boost your revenue and profits.

In this article, we will be looking at how push notifications can improve customer retention. 

But before we start, let’s look at iOS and Android push notifications.

What are iOS/Android Push Notifications? 

When it comes to the success of the push notification, you have to think about both operating systems – iOS and Android. Push notifications delivered on Apple operating systems are known as iOS push notifications, whereas systems associated with Android are known as Android push notifications.

According to the observational study, android push notification opt-in rates range from 49% to 95% with a medium equal to 81, and on the other side, iOS push notification opt-in ranges from 29% to 73%, with a medium equal to 51% a zalia delancey coffey

Now let’s look at some ways to use push notifications for customer retention.

7 Effective Ways to Use Push Notifications for Customer Retention

  • Try Sending Personalized Messages 

Sending a customized message might also assist you in attracting a user and retaining them on your website. Send a note expressing your worry about the user.

When sending a push notification, try to include the username. Adding emojis and photos will also make the notice appear much more appealing. The primary focus is to treat them as people, not just customers who pay money.

  • Eliminate requests for default permissions

No matter how innovative your push notifications are, they are useless until users have given you the authority to send them. However, most users return to an app after 30 days of enabling push notifications, making encouraging users to opt-in difficult.

Instead of sending a default permissions request to new visitors, first, establish a connection with the customer. They must have faith in your brand and understand that you will not abuse your access to push alerts. To avoid consumers turning off push notifications, you must also ask permission at the right time realdatesnow uk

  • Improve Frequency And Timing of Push Alerts 

Push notifications may undoubtedly increase engagement and retention rates for your mobile apps. Sending push alerts at inconvenient times might irritate consumers and cause them to quit your app.

It simply implies that the right time is essential when sending push notifications to users of mobile apps. Push alerts vary in frequency and timing based on the industry and target audience murim rpg simulation wiki.

Sending push messages in the early morning, at midnight, or during busy hours should be eliminated. 

  • Target The Right Audience 

When a user downloads and begins using the mobile app, the app will request permission to use their GPS coordinates. Most users agree to grant permission for mobile applications to determine their location. As a result, companies will be able to provide customers with a more personalized experience through location-based push notifications.

Push notifications for mobile apps can be used to notify users about local deals. Companies will also be able to target users based on their city, state, or country using push notifications. Businesses will undoubtedly benefit from increased user engagement thanks to one of the best location-based app push notifications.

  • Try To Engage with Recommendations 

Suppose a consumer orders their favourite meal from any website or app and receives a message instantly-you may also like – from the restaurant on their phones. These food-related suggestions aim to boost the average value of their order. The next time they open your application, they will see some recommendations again, and this time it will be aimed at luring customers back to the same restaurant.

To re-engage customers, you can send out recommendation notifications that are likely to pique their interest, such as proposing comparable goods or those that complement prior purchases.

  • Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

Studies say that when a customer is willing to purchase a product from your site, they will certainly look at the reviews and ratings. And it is the fact that they will buy a product that has more ratings and reviews. By ensuring purchasers are happy with their purchase, social proof may comfort concerned shoppers, give extra context, and minimize returns.

For example, if you’re running a price reduction alert, you may include a ‘four-star rating’ in your message to let your customers know that just because the price is reduced doesn’t imply the product isn’t of high quality. A four-star plus rating in your notice will erase any doubt in the customer’s mind about whether to buy or not cracks4us.com 

  • For a Better Subscriber Experience, Use Expiration Dates

To give your app subscriber the best and smooth user experience, you should send them offline push notifications with an expiry date. Offline notifications can be sent even if your subscriber is not connected to the internet. When they opt in, they will notice the messages in their notification tray.

Setting up a push notification with an expiration date is all that is required. You can define expiration dates and times for each notice so that it does not mislead subscribers if it becomes irrelevant or outdated murim login wiki.


So these are 7 ways that will assist you to use iOS and Android push notifications for customer retention. However, if you are looking for the best push notification provider that is both cheap and easier to use, choose WonderPush.


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