YouTube king, Chiropractor Eric Berg, sued Scientology for Coercing the Employee.


Chiropractor and OT 8 Scientologist Eric Berg, who has a 5 million-strong YouTube following, was to be deposed this week in a lawsuit filed by a former employee who says working for Berg meant taking Scientology courses. So there was constant pressure murim rpg simulation wiki.

Then, we got involved, and apparently, everything changed because of that. Let’s explain.

The litigation had actually been going on for some time, but we were not aware of it because a former employee, Brenda Valentine, had sued The Health & Wellness Center, Inc [H&WC]. We recently learned that the lawsuit involves the center’s owners, Eric Berg and his wife, Karen. (And thank you, readers, for giving us this tip.)

The complaint filed by Valentine is full of juicy details, which we’ll get to in a minute, but after reading it we first relayed it to Berg’s son, Ian Rafalco, who made the claim via TikTok video. Made a big impact. She then appeared on Leah Remini’s podcast, discussing her separation from her Scientologist father.

Rafalco also worked for his father and therefore knew Valentine, but he did not know that the litigation had reached such an advanced stage. (He already had multiple complaints, a dismissal, and was now in discovery.) When we brought the litigation to his attention, Rafalco reached out to Valentine’s attorney, and he told us that he Assisting in the trial.

“I’m just helping bring out the personal side of my parents, I think. But basically just being honest about who they are as people, what they value, etc. But I think That there will probably be more in the future that I can help with as it all develops,” said Ian.

Valentine initially filed an EEOC complaint in 2017, and the EEOC issued her a Letter of Rights on August 20, 2020. He then initially filed his lawsuit on November 12, 2020. He filed an amended complaint on October 15, 2021.

In the amended complaint, Valentine explains that she is a Christian who lives in Washington, DC.

She began working for Berg’s organization H&WC in 2010 and rose to the position of “Director of Marketing Assistance/New Client Scheduler” as the firm moved from Annandale to Alexandria, Virginia.

“Dr. and Mrs. Berg require [H&WC] employees to be active members of the Church of Scientology and to participate in programs designed to recruit and promote their employees to membership within the Church of Scientology.” are designed to educate them,” the complaint said.

The complaint also cites Scientology’s original “OT 8” material, which includes founder L. Ron Hubbard’s infamous language describing himself as the Antichrist and Jesus as a “lover of young men.” on to illustrate how hostile Scientologist’s views are to a Christian. .

Valentine first met Berg as a patient, and he mekka mellia blog described the strain of working for his (Protestant) church. “She also complained of being unable to find meaningful full-time work. After that meeting, Dr. Berg suggested that she work for him.

“As of June 2016, Ms. Valentine’s salary had been steadily declining, having been demoted twice, each time for failing to attend Church of Scientology classes.”

The office then set up video surveillance of her because she was not submitting to Scientology procedures, the complaint claims. A KR was then submitted based on what was seen on camera.

Valentine was on trial 1. Wrongful Termination Based on Religion, 2: Denial of Religious Accommodation, 3: Wrongful Termination Based on Retaliatory Action. And she was seeking an injunction to prevent the company from discriminating against others.

Ian Rafalko grew up in Scientology in Washington, DC, but was later on staff in Atlanta before leaving Scientology. He burst onto the scene last May with a viral TikTok video…

So when I make this video and it goes public, my life will be over. That-uh… my life is over for a while, so. I thought I’d at least go out with a bang.

Some of you may know this guy. He’s a chiropractor, as you can see, so…

Not only is this man dr eric berg Scientologist, he donates a lot. His profit margins are insane, they’re going through the roof. So he probably donated over 7 million dollars to Scientology?

And every one of her products you buy, you also donate to Scientology, because she has a separate savings account just for that.

He is an incredibly selfish and unsympathetic person. And the reason I know is that he is my father.

She followed that up with an appearance on Leah Remini’s podcast.

We asked him what kinds of questions might be difficult for Berg to answer.

“I would say his use of objective processing with the direct intention of converting his employees into active Scientologists, as a start,” he says. “But apparently the big tire iron of this case is trying to show that WISE’s policy is not secular.”

“But luckily for Matthew, I was a fifth-grade auditor and the fact that I read the exact references during training that my father’s employees do for their jobs,” he says.

We reached out to lawyers on both sides to let them know we were working on a story and had the piece ready for this morning.

Then, last night, we heard from someone involved in the lawsuit that the case had reached a settlement, sparing Berg from testifying.

But we have to believe that Ian Rafalco’s involvement, and the publicity we were about to give the case, were factors in Brenda Valentine’s deal with her former boss.

And Berg, no doubt, is counting on his huge YouTube following to not hear a word about him murim login wiki.

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