What is the Meaning Gluck Gluck 9000 – Origin of the Term


What does Gluck Gluck 9000 mean?

The gluck gluck 9000 meaning is a blowjob method, created by the brains behind the podcast Name Her Daddy, Alex, and Sophia.

This sloppy method involves a lot of saliva, resulting in “gluck-gluck” sounds coming from the woman’s mouth, while the fellatio is spiced up by twisting two hands, plus one. In addition to sucking the ball, the shaft of the penis is.

“Gluck gluck 9000” is frequently mentioned online, with people hailing it as one of the greatest acting approaches.

Origin of the Term

The idea was expressed by two podcasters in 2018, discussing the best way to satisfy someone with a mouth and two arms.

In the course of the dialogue, they list essential points on how to move the “GLUCK GLUCK 9000” in a circular motion with the arms to where it needs to be.

The word “GLUCK 9000” is a repetition of the onomatopoetic phrase that imitates the sound of a careless blow job, in addition to the number 9000, indicating the complicated state of the method.

How to upgrade from the Gluck Gluck 3000 to the 9000

So what I’m saying though is for Gluck Gluck 3000 to 9000, there are very different levels at which how sloppy are you getting? How crazy you’re getting with your hands? Are your hands going in the same motion or are they going in different motions?

3 Key Factors

  • The Noises
    • When I tell you a noise takes a guy from a 0 to 100 and you like we said are dying for that dick. Put on a soundtrack of your mouth. Make noise and he will actually come.
  • Volume at which the saliva and the georgis nikolos sloppiness come on his penis
  • Hand Usage
    • The double hand lets him know that piece is ginormous. You have gotta hit him with the double hand cuz he’s like god damn my shit’s big. You have to.

Left hands going right, right hands going left, and we’re switching that shit up and we’re going on the merry-go-round. motherfuckers. lefty-righty sloppy

There is nothing that is considered a blowjob unless it is the sloppiest, wettest, nastiest, thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

Within 24 hours if you do the Gluck Gluck, which I mean you’re double hand twisting, you’re vacuum sealing, you are the sloppiest girl in the room, you will know if you are a 9000 performer or if you’re a 3000 performer. 9000 is like you ramp everything the fuck up it’s like if you’re on a treadmill and you’re at speed 3, I’m like me and my grandma are chillin and at 9, no bitches fucking catching me to the finish line cuz I’m about to make this guy come faster than life. murim rpg simulation wiki

Gluck Gluck 9000 Aftermath:

Okay, guaranteed:

  • He will start texting you back faster.
  • He will randomly hit you with facetime.
  • He may start to send you a little cute animal emojis in the DMS.

And you know, the guy is literally gonna be like, babe, have you eaten today or should I send you that uber eats?

Alex Cooper’s Disclaimer:

“This is the beginning episode, whatever the Alex Cooper testimony on blow jobs. Here we go.

If you are not sucking your man’s dick, that’s fine. 100% your decision? I respect it. I understand it. However, if you are not, somebody else is.

– Alex murim login wiki

Sorry. It’s the truth. Let me just say, no guy is in a committed, faithful, serious relationship and he is abstaining from oral sex. I’m sorry every girl can hate me in America but I’m telling you the truth. I swear to God. You can have great sex. Absolutely. Get down and do your damn thing but a blow job and sex are completely different experiences and you can’t just satisfy the one you need to satisfy both.”

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