AbelMed vs Epic: The Review Analysis


Healthcare practices and organizations need a solution they can count on. And thus, they seek guidance from EHR platforms. However, not all practices need the same level of guidance; some require assistance managing their administrative workflow, while others need a comprehensive solution to handle their clinical and financial aspects simultaneously. So, for that purpose, here we have AbelMed EMR and EpicCare EHR. We will review both solutions today in detail.

Get ready to explore the AbelMed vs Epic review analysis murim rpg simulation wiki.

AbelMed EHR From Reviews Perspective:

AbelMed is one fully integrated Practice Management solution that one can easily digest. Moreover, it is one of the market’s most affordable and flexible solutions.

How AbelMed Differs?

Knowing how AbelMed differs from the EHR pack in this AbelMed vs Epic comparison is essential. Therefore, we will look at this aspect of AbelMed from the perspective of the review.


The reviews state that AbelMed EHR is fully customizable. It adapts to the modifying needs of medical practices. Also, it features one keystroke function facilitating the administrative workflow for the clinical administrators.

One-screen Data Access:

It administers a best-of-breed dashboard to keep caregivers at the top of their game. They can see entire workflows on one centralized dashboard. Whether it’s outstanding to-do tasks or upcoming patient encounters, the dashboard dares clients’ attention to crucial clinical operations. His one-screen viewing is unbelievably productive for managing patients.

Handwriting Recognition: 

It is the cornerstone of AbelMed EHR as far as the reviews are concerned. Clients believe it is one essential feature ensuring smooth patient experiences. They get to jot down the points on patient charts, and the software translates words to text entries filing the digitized patient encounters.


It sounds like a common feature, but it is not. The lab integration of healthcare solutions is limited to ordering tests and getting lab results. But the reviews show that AbelMed EHR offers way more than that. Doctors can set therapeutic levels, view cumulative graphs and transmit data directly into the patient progress notes.

How Much Does it Charge:

The pricing structure of AbelMed EMR is nowhere to be found on the web. In simple words, AbelMed has not listed its pricing details publicly. Circumstantially, in order to request pricing, it is necessary to contact the sales team of AbelMed EMR. According to the user’s perspective, AbelMed EMR comes with an affordable pricing structure. Clinicians say that they don’t have to break their banks to afford it.

A Demo WIthAbelMed EMR:

Users claim that the demo of AbelMed EMR is well crafted. It holds the power to change the mind of medical practitioners regarding PM solutions. The AbelMed EMR demo illustrates why it is essential for practicing a flourishing and streamlined practice. By scheduling a demo, caregivers get to know how AbelMed EMR deals with intricate practice management tasks like referral management, medical billing, etc. Overall, clinicians are satisfied with the demo tutorial of AbelMed EHR, saying it really helps them understand the vendor’s true capabilities.

Epic From Reviews Perspective:

EpicCare EHR is indeed an epic healthcare solution featuring unmatchable clinical services. The vendor is inclined to manage medical practices’ front-end and back-end operations.

How Epic Differs?

Now let’s move forward with this AbelMed vs Epic comparison exploring how Epic stands out in the market. The essential elements of Epic EHR, as per the reviews, are:

Payer-Provider Collaboration:

Reducing administration costs, EpicCare EHR enhanced the payer-provider collaboration. This Payer platform allows for bi-directional data exchange, boosting the turnaround authorization times. In addition, it improves clinical outcomes by reducing denials by submitting claims information directly to the point of care.

Patient Flow:

Epic handles the patient flow like a breeze with integrated functionalities. There’s a command center for situational awareness, discharge management, and bed planning tools. Reviews illustrate Epic EHR features a dashboard providing enterprise patient data visibility to providers and a transfer center.

AI and Analytics:

As per the reviews, the AI and analytics capability of Epic EHR is its distinctive quality. The software augments decision-making with benchmarks and self-service solutions. As a result, care professionals can manage data quicker, discovering real-time insights for medical research, recruitment, and execution processes.

Managed Care: 

Proving to be a wholesome solution, EpicCare EHR offers managed care services. Reviews depict that the care, utilization, and customer relationship management services of Epic EHR are lit. These give physicians the flexibility to practice care better. In addition, the provider and patient portals keep both parties informed of updates in the treatment process.

How Much Does It Charge:

Well, it is not easy to decipher the pricing structure of Epic EMR. The pricing details are not made public by Epic EMR yet. But there are certain user statements bringing to light the pricing range of Epic EMR. As per them, it is a heavily priced solution. According to a rough estimate, the pricing bundles of Epic EMR start from $1200, which is too much to afford. On the other hand, reviews are of the view that Epic EHR is an enterprise-grade solution. You can learn more about the pricing structure of Epic EMR by contacting the vendor.

A Demo With EpicCare EHR:

Clinicians can learn much about Epic EMR through its demo. Providers who watched the demo of Epic EMR refer to it as an eye-soothing material. It is because it is well presented in the demo how Epic EMR embeds its functionalities in the clinical workflow. Not only that, the demo illustrates the one-in-a-kind services of Epic EMR, like patient flow. These impressive functionalities soothe medical professionals showing them how they can modernize their practices.

Concluding AbelMed vs Epic EMR Reviews Analysis:

Concluding this, AbelMed vs Epic EMR review analysis is a hassle-free task. Both solutions are the king of their areas. AbelMed is solely a practice management solution that differs from the pack because of functionalities like a physician dashboard. Providers refer to it as a budget-friendly PM solution. As for Epic, it is an all-rounder managing clinical care, handling finances, and the business side of practice all at once. But it comes at a steep price.

So, think wisely before choosing between practice management and integrated EHR solutions. It all comes down to your practice’s needs murim login wiki.

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