Hot Sugar Share Tips on How to Overcome Stage Fright


You’re about to go on stage when you suddenly start feeling shaky, nervous, and can’t move. This stage fright can happen to anyone, including the most confident performers you know. But how can one hit those right notes when they’re anxious on stage? If you’re building a career in music, you must learn how to overcome performance anxiety. Your performance will be great when you’re relaxed, full of confidence, and having fun. In this guide, Hot Sugar shares a couple of tips on how to manage or overcome stage fright murim rpg simulation wiki.

Relax Your Body

You can do a few things to relax your body if you’re feeling nervous. Some of them include:

  • Chew gum to ease some tension around your jaws
  • Stretch your legs, arms, shoulders, and back to relieve tension
  • Eat a banana. It eliminates or reduces the nauseous feeling in your stomach
  • Hum gently to relax.

Doing these activities can help steady your voice. And if you mess up while on stage, don’t panic but keep doing your thing.

Picture the Perfect Performance in Your Head

Close your eyes and visualize yourself on stage. You’re hitting the right notes and connecting with your audience. Such positive thinking can help you calm down and set you up for an excellent performance. The brain is a powerful tool that can help you do this.

Choose Your Songs Carefully

If you’re performing other people’s songs, choose them carefully. The song you go with can make or break your confidence. Find one you connect easily with. When you choose the right song, it’s easy to just get lost in the moment and forget about the audience. You’ll even forget that you were anxious about performing.

Smile to Ease Your Tension

Smile even if nothing fun is going on. Research shows that fake smiling can make you feel calmer and happier. When you do it, you trick your brain into thinking that you’re fine, and this actually makes you happy. If you’re worried about looking sheepish, then watch a funny video. There are a ton of those online to help you relax.

Project Some Confidence

There’s no point in telling everyone around you that you’re nervous. If you’re exhibiting symptoms of anxiety, they can probably tell. Plus, telling others about how anxious you are might deepen your nervousness. And if you’re performing with other people, you’ll also make them anxious. Instead, tell yourself that things are great, you’ll be fine, and the audience will love you.

Greet Your Audience and Smile

Don’t just get on stage and start performing. First, connect with your audience by greeting them or making jokes. Once you see people laughing or smiling, you’ll feel more confident in yourself, which can boost your performance.

Because you experience stage fright doesn’t mean you’re a bad performer. It takes courage to perform in front of a crowd. But with practice, you can learn how to overcome stage fright and have confidence on stage murim login wiki

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