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Former celebrity Bodhi Ransom Green is particularly famous for her celebrity parents Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green. He is also recognized as one of the cutest celebrity kids in the world. This article will reveal more about his wiki, bio, lifestyle, and unknown facts about his life.

Who is Bodhi Ransom Green?

Bodhi Ransom Green is the star kid of famous American actress Megan Fox and actor Brian Austin Green. He was born on 12 February 2014. Bodhi grew up seven in his residence in Los Angeles, California. According to sources, he belongs to Aquarius and will complete his 8th year on earth by 2022 murim rpg simulation wiki


Name Bodhi Ransom Green
Date of birth 12th February 2014
Place of birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 8years
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Education Home Schooling
Profession Not yet
Height 4feet 1inch
Weight 30kg
Hobbies Playing, traveling
Net worth Unknown
Bodhi Ransom Green wiki

Early Life of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Bodhi Ransom Green was born to his parents in Los Angeles and grew up there with his other siblings. Since her birth, Bodhi has been recognized as one of the cutest star kids. Within a few years, it gained huge popularity. As time passes, he becomes more handsome and intelligent. However, he is in his learning period and is learning many interesting things these days.

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Age of Bodhi Ransom Green:

The famous star kid of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green was born on this earth on February 12, 2014. Like the current year, he has completed his eight-year on February 12, 2022, so every year he celebrates his birthday. . With his family and school friends.

Education of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Talking about Bodhi Ransom Green’s education, we tell you that Bodhi is taking homeschooling lessons along with his other siblings. So, he is in a learning period now, so it is difficult to predict or assume what profile he might adopt. But, our best wishes are for him to be as successful as his parents in whatever he does with his life.

Height of Bodhi Ransom Green:

According to sources, Bodhi Ransom Green has already become a popular public figure due to his sweet, charming personality. However, this celebrity child has grown to a height of 4 feet 1 inch by 2022.

Weight of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Celebrity star kid Bodhi Ransom Green is a cute baby and is getting healthy and fit. According to his doctor, at the age of eight, his body weight had increased by 40 kg.

The physical appearance of Bodhi Ransom Green:

As a star kid, Ransom has become popular due to his charming looks. Apart from this, she is also known for her proud parents. According to her perspective, she has beautiful blue eyes and brown wavy hair. However, he looks exactly like his parents.

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Height 4feet 1inch
Weight 40kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Skin Complex fair
The physical appearance of Bodhi Ransom Green

Family of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Bodhi Ransom Greene was born in California to famous parents. His mother Megan Fox is a famous American actress and model and his father Brian Austin is a famous director, producer, and former American rapper. His mother became famous for appearing in the Transformers film franchise. Celebrity baby Bodhi Ransom Green rose alongside his three siblings Shannon Green, Journey River Green, and Kassius Lijah Marcil Green. No further details are available about other members of his family.

Father Brain Austin
Mother Megan Fox
Grandfather Not Available
Grand Mother Not Available
Siblings Noah Shannon Green, Journey River Green, Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green
Family of Bodhi Ransom Green

The career of Bodhi Ransom Green:

As we all know that Bodhi Ransom Green belongs to a famous family and is very popular in B-Town. Also, he is recognized as the cutest and cutest celebrity child. Bodhi is currently homeschooling his primary education and is currently doing nothing with his life. Also, he is a very friendly kid and always helps his friends. Along with his studies, he is also learning to play the guitar. According to his parents’ post, it is assumed that Bodhi has a keen interest in music as he loves musical instruments. It is also assumed that Bodhi will be a singer or musician in the future. By 2022, he is known as a star kid.

Relationship of Bodhi Ransom Green:

According to media reports, Bodhi Tawan Green is a popular star kid. He has a huge fan following. All his friends in his school have a great relationship with him. Since he is a child, he is not seriously involved with anyone. He is spending his childhood days with his close friends and family.

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The net worth of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Bodhi Ransom Green is a celebrity child and has lived a wonderful life with his family. According to his Instagram post, his residence consists of a luxurious house and a large number of expensive cars. Because he is a star kid he has no need to earn any net worth. But we can say that his parents have a net worth of $5 million.

Interesting facts about Bodhi Ransom Green:

  • Bodhi Ransom Green comes from a family of artists.
  • He belongs to a mixed race.
  • Bodhi Ransom Green is the second child of his parents.
  • He was born in 2014 when his elder brother was 12 years old.
  • There is a considerable age gap between Bodhi and his brothers.
  • Bodhi Ransom’s mother started her acting career in 2001.
  • Both her parents have been dating each other since 2004.
  • The meaning of his name is bright.
  • Bodhi Ransom does not have any personal social site handles. Her father uploads content from his account.
  • Bodhi has three siblings.
  • Bodhi was first introduced to the public after The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  • Bodhi has become a social icon.

Social Media:

Social Media

FAQ of Bodhi Ransom Green:

Who is Bodhi Ransom Green?

Bodhi ransom Green is a famous celebrity in America.

What is Bodhi Ransom Green famous for?

Bodhi Ransom Green is famous for his celebrity background and cutesy appearance.

Who is Bodhi Ransom Green’s mother?

His mother Megan Fox is a famous American actress.

How old is Bodhi Ransom Green?

Bodhi Ransom Green is now eight years old.

How long is Bodhi Ransom green?

Bodhi Ransom Green is about 4 feet 14inch long.

Who is Bodhi Ransom Green’s father?

Bodhi Ransom Green’s father is Brian Austin Green. He is an American famous actor, producer and rapper.

Where does Bodhi Ransom Green belong to?

Bodhi ransom Green belongs to Los Angeles, California.

What is the net worth of Bodhi Ransom Green?

Bodhi ransom Green’s net worth is $ 5 million.


Bodhi Ransom has become a well-known name in the green industry. His celebrity background also helps in building popularity and celebrity image in the media murim login wiki


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