Queen Elizabeth’s official welcome to Balmoral turned into a private affair. Here’s why

Queen Elizabeth is typically greeted with a guard of honor to mark the beginning of her summer season in Scotland. There have been certain modifications made to the ceremony because Britain’s monarch has mobility concerns.

This year, the Queen will host the customary welcome at Balmoral Castle in private to assure her “comfort.” The monarch typically inspects a military regiment at the entrance to her Scottish retreat to signify the Queen moving in. But according to a source, “This is a change in accordance with activities being tailored for Her Majesty’s comfort,” the celebration will now take place inside the Balmoral grounds, behind the gates.

Since last fall, the Queen has struggled with mobility. She now frequently needs a walking stick, and several of her official appearances this year have been shorter than usual.

She didn’t participate in many of the festivities for her Platinum Jubilee over the prolonged Bank Holiday weekend in June, but she did make two distinct, fleeting appearances on the Buckingham Palace balcony. The Queen is rumored to have been living at a residence on her estate since she arrived in Scotland on July 21 and will transfer to her primary Balmoral residence today.


Since her family is invited to visit her at Balmoral every summer, the monarch is unlikely to be alone for very long. She is also anticipated to interrupt her summer vacation and return to England in early September to meet with outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his successor.

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