What is MysimpleLink? This mysterious term has been raised in network forums and is hard to get rid of. It’s been linked to WiFi cameras, ring doorbells, and video doorbells. So how do you get rid of MysimpleLink? The first step is to stop all MysimpleLink-connected devices from accessing your WiFi network. Listed below are steps to remove MysimpleLink from your WiFi cameras and doorbells.


The LaunchPad for mysimplelink has a micro USB port and a USB power socket. The board is set up as an AP (access point) so you need to create a wireless network before you can use it. Once you’ve created your network, the LaunchPad will display a name that looks like mysimplelink-xxyyzz. Those three least significant bytes are the MAC address.

CC3200 LaunchPad: When it comes to electronic devices, this LaunchPad is an Out Of Box product. The device can be set up and configured to be a standalone or multi-device management tool. In addition, this software also allows you to use the LaunchPad with any other computer that supports HTML. Moreover, it has a customizable user interface so you can set up your own website. Once you’re done setting up your website, you can share it with your family and friends.


A new microcontroller platform from Texas Instruments (TI) delivers hardware, software, and tools to help you build and deploy applications with ease. SimpleLink MCUs are compatible with TI’s full portfolio of ARM-based 32-bit and wireless MCUs, including security-enhanced Wi-Fi chips. This SDK lets you easily create and compile software applications on the platform. It provides access to TI’s RTOS, peripheral drivers, and TI 15.4-Stack software development kits.

The TI SimpleLink MCU platform offers unmatched potential with improved range, lower power, higher speed, and 500% more data throughput than previous generations. TI’s unified development tools, training, and technical support help you develop applications more efficiently and quickly. These resources include TI’s unique TI SEGGER, a set of software tools, and training. Once you get started, you can easily upgrade to the latest version of these tools.

The SimpleLink microcontroller platform unites hardware, software, and tools under a single development environment. With a unified development experience across the entire portfolio, SimpleLink MCUs can offer the best cross-compatibility for code. With standardized APIs and shared middleware, developers can benefit from a 100% portability of application code. And because of the wide range of connectivity standards and device models, SimpleLink microcontrollers can support a variety of connected products.

The simple link microcontroller platform offers an array of communication capabilities, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, ZigBee, and host MCUs. The platform includes a single-core SDK that lets you combine different portfolio devices. In addition, you can reuse code from any device on the platform, allowing for 100 percent reusability. These devices are also compatible with existing software. For more information, contact Texas Instruments.

TI has partnered with IBM and Hardware Pioneers to host a workshop aimed at introducing TI SimpleLink CC3235 WiFi MCU and mmWave Sensing Solutions. Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience using TI’s IoT development kit to connect sensor data to IBM Cloud. For a full description of TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi(r) CC3220x wireless MCU, please visit the TI website.

SIMPLINK is a convenient way to control other HDMI devices. The SIMPLINK function is available on certain models, including some home theater units. To activate SIMPLINK, you must connect your TV to the SIMPLINK device via an optical cable. Then, simply select the SIMPLINK device from the menu to control it. This function is compatible with the SIMPLINK logo on the SIMPLINK device. You can even automate the process by turning on your TV when you turn it on.

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