What are Needlenose and Slip Joint?

A number of people have asked us for information about the manufacturing process for the Needlenose and Slip Joint and other parts we use in our furniture, so here it is. We hope this will be useful to some people who are designing furniture and who need to source high-quality components.

Needlenose and slip joint will be some of your most-used tools, and here it pays to fork out the money for a good set that’ll last forever. As the saying goes, buy once, cry once. The large tongue-and-groove pliers are what you need for large pipes, such as in plumbing. The cutting pliers will go through anything, and if you have kids who get toys packaged with those little plastic ties, these’ll save your sanity. The slip joint and needle nose pliers are catch-all tools to save the day.

It’s a luxury, not an absolute necessity. But while a multi-tool is a jack of all trades, master of none, it’s often convenient to have a small tool in your pocket or on a shelf that you can grab for quick jobs. Needlenose and slip joint is one of my favorite affordable tools. It has 14 tools built in, and unlike a Swiss Army knife, it has handy and often-needed needle nose pliers. Check out my guide to the best multitools for more recommendations.

Home tool kits are all about saving space, so I recommend a needlenose and slip joint as a stand-in for an entire wrench set. Eight inches is a good size to give you enough torque for big jobs without being too unwieldy to handle the small stuff. You adjust the width of the jaws by spinning the knurl, all the way up to fit a 1 1/8-inch nut.

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