Sasha Whitten, Personal Life

Sasha Whitten is quite young. The actress was born in 2009 and is presently 12 years old at the time of this publication. She is the daughter of Countess Danielle Vaughan, a popular television personality and an American actress.


Her father, David Whitten, and her mother, Countess Danielle Vaughan, are happily married and have been together for some time. However, the two split after the countess revealed to the media that her husband had been abusing her domestically. It turned out that David had almost thrown bleach in her face, had been hitting her and, at one point, had threatened to kill her. Despite the fact that her parents are no longer married to each other, she has a close relationship with both of them.

The media has paid a lot of attention to the celebrity status of Sasha Whitten’s mother. She started singing in church when she was just six years old, and that’s when everyone started taking notice. Countess Vaughan performed a cover of “I Will Be There”, a song originally recorded by the Jackson 5, on a later edition of “Star Search”. This one performance led to her being offered an episode of the NBC sitcom “227”, and she jumped at the chance. She decided to accept the role after her performance. He played the role for a full year starting in 1988 and lasting until 1989.


Her grandmother’s name is Sandra Wan, and her grandfather’s name is Liu Wan. He has a close relationship with both his grandparents. On the other hand, it was only after Countess Wan published an Instagram post that it was revealed that her father Liu Wan had passed away.


Jaylen James is the name of Sasha Whitten’s half-brother and he was born on July 17, 2003. Jaylen James is six years older than Sasha. Currently, James is 18 years old. Sasha Whitten entered the world in the year 2009. Count James Vaughan, who is no longer married to Jaylen James’ mother, is Jaylen’s biological father. Van Geelen’s mother also has an ex-husband.

Sasha Whitten social media

Sasha Whitten has a relatively low profile on various social media platforms. However, she has a YouTube account on which she posts content that is appropriate for someone her age. She creates content related to video games as well as content related to other activities, such as videos about her. However, Sasha’s mother is quite active on several social media platforms.

She has over 649,900 followers on the photo-sharing app Instagram. “Countessdvaughn” is the name she goes by on her Instagram handle. Apart from being active on Instagram, you can also find her tweeting frequently. The only distinguishing feature between his Twitter handle and his Instagram handle is the capitalization of the letter D in his Twitter handle. More than seventeen thousand people follow him on Twitter.

Sasha Whitten is the daughter of Countess Daniel Vaughn. He has a brother named Jaylen James. There is not much-published information about Sasha on the Internet, although she does have a YouTube channel.

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