Mary Sue Wittauer, Life and Family

Mary Sue Wittauer is best known for being the first spouse of entertainer Jimmy Dean. Sue Dean was married to Dean for four decades when their marriage ended in separation due to Jimmy’s cheating with musician Donna Dean, who eventually became his second wife.

Mary has lived out of the public eye during and after her marriage, yet there are truths about Mary Sue that are impossible to ignore.

Biography of Mary Sue Wittauer

Mary Sue was born in Washington and raised in Maryland. Despite being married to a well-known artist, she managed to keep her private life a secret, making it impossible to trace her identity and lifestyle before stardom.

In 1950, Mary Wittauer married Jimmy Dean and the couple found a way to hide the details from the press. Mary primarily observed Dean’s career and rose during their relationship. Dan’s job took him to various locations in the 1980s, including Tenafly. Their marriage lasted forty years before ending in divorce in 1990 when Jimmy was 62 when he met and married folk singer Donna Dean.

After their breakup, not much is known about Mary Wittauer. Also, Mary was not seen at her ex-spouse’s funeral, which was attended by her second spouse, children and grandchildren when he died.

Mary Sue Wittauer’s Husband: the Legendary Jimmy Ray Dean 

Born on August 10, 1928, in Texas under the astrological sign of Jimmy Dean Love. Growing up, Jimmy had a difficult life because his family was poor, and his father, Georg Otto Dean, could not support him. As a result, his mother, Ruth Taylor, had to work to survive. He earned a penny as a hairstylist, but it was enough to feed his family. He made their clothes from old, discarded sugar sacks.

Jimmy Ray began his schooling but left to seek a livelihood and raise his family’s standard of living. After overcoming adversity in his youth, Jimmy rose to fame in the television industry.

His passion for music gave him solace in the midst of his troubles. He was proficient in musical instruments like piano, harmonica and guitar. Dean enlisted in the US Army at the age of 16 and in early 1946 joined the US Air Force.

After his military career, Jimmy joined the Tennessee Haymakers but eventually formed his own band, the Texas Wildcats. When he signed to his first record label with an album cover, he was really getting a positive response. His early musical performances were a huge success, and he was able to break out of a life of bullying and humiliation during his childhood.

On June 13, 2010, the Hollywood icon died in Virginia after a long illness left him confined to a wheelchair. According to his second wife, Donna, he was eating and watching TV when she left him, only to come and find him dead. Jimmy was pronounced dead at 7:45 p.m.

Mary Sue Wittauer’s Children with Husband Jimmy Dean

Her marriage to Jimmy produced three young children: Connie Dean Taylor, Robert, and Gary T. Dean.

Gary Dean was born in 1951 and attended Tuckahoe Elementary School for his first year. Gary owns and operates a restaurant in Connecticut.

Connie was born in Arlington in 1954, shortly after Dean released his breakthrough single. Connie Dean has a quiet profile as Mary Sue.

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