As mentioned above, the amount of love and fan-following Lily Erin received at such a young age is due to her famous award-winning actor and director father, Fred Savage. Fred is well known in the Hollywood community and has a huge fan following around the world. He is not only an actor who has starred in some popular shows and has made a place in people’s hearts, but he is also a passionate director and producer.

Some of his notable roles have been as Max Adler in Friends From College and Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. Fred’s career is successful with many awards and accolades such as the Young Artist Award or the People’s Choice Award.

Fred is commonly known as Fred Savage around the world but his official name is Frederick Aaron Savage. He is married to his lifelong partner, Jennifer Lane Stone, whom he met in 2004. Fred and Jennifer dated for a few years before tying the knot and living a happy and healthy life with their small family in California.

As for Lily Erin Savage’s mother, she is Jennifer Lane Stone, an American celebrity and former real estate agent. Jennifer was in Fred’s life before 2004 when they started seeing each other. Fred and Jennifer have been neighbors and friends for years in a Chicago neighborhood, and it’s the same city they grew up in. What happened between Fred and Jennifer in the following years is known only to them, but all we know is that they got back together. They fell in love with each other for years.