Duke Kenneth is the son of a celebrity who helped him achieve the popularity he now enjoys. Still, there is no shame in being famous with the help of our parents who helped make us so famous.

Read on to uncover information about Duke Kenneth and his famous mother, a writer, and a producer!

Personal Biography

Duke Kenneth is a Gemini born on June 18, 2002, making him the handsome and famous 19-year-old he is now. Duke Kenneth is the only son of his parents, Justin Bateman, a writer and producer, and Mark Fluent, a US real estate mogul who holds a prestigious position at Deutsche Bank.

Since his mother is Justin Bateman, he is also known as a part of the Batman family, Justin Bateman is known for his work as a writer and a producer and is loved. Goes because his job is not at the same time. got hate However, nothing related to Duke Kenneth Fluent was made official, leaving nothing public.

Professional Biography

Since Duke is still only 19 years old, it is difficult to say anything regarding his career or the future professional choices he may make for himself. Since his whole background belongs to powerful and influential people, he can also choose a better career.

From his parents to his grandparents, not even a single person has been left behind to be influential and powerful people, well known throughout America, Duke’s closest professional biography is only About the occupations of his mother and father. This has made Duke the center of attention of any gathering, including his parents and even his grandparents.

Educational Biography

Considering Duke’s age, it might be possible that his high school studies have ended, letting him pick a college to go to. Even then, nothing like that has been announced, so summarizing specific information about his studies is not possible.

Facts & Net Worth

Duke Kenneth Ravi is only 19 years old, and without a background that generates a source of income or professional life. Not having any information about his net worth is a solid reason. However, his mother’s net worth has been estimated and officially published at around $5 million, all due to her professional career as a writer and producer.


Even though the young adult Duke Kenneth is only 19 years old, his influential family background is enough to leave people in awe.