How to Delete Telegram Contacts in 2022

You may have noticed that Telegram also has a contact list section. That is, if those whose numbers you have saved on your phone have a Telegram account, they will be included in your Telegram contact list. Suppose you have a contact saved on your phone and that person also has a Telegram account. In this case, if you remove his number from your phone, this contact will remain in your Telegram contact list and will not be deleted.

You may be tired of the large volume of your Telegram contacts for various reasons, or for any reason, you do not need the old numbers that are in the Telegram contacts list and you have decided to remove these numbers from the contacts list. In the next section, we will explain how to remove Telegram contacts.

How can you remove Telegram contacts?

As you read above, you may not want old numbers in your contacts for any reason and want to remove them. Deleting these contacts is not difficult at all. First, you open Telegram and go to the Contact section. In this section, you have to tap on the contact whose number you want to remove to enter his chat page. Here, just enter his profile to find and click the Delete contact section. In this case, your desired contact will be removed.

But we have to point out something that you have probably thought about yourself. If you want to remove a large number of your contacts, then doing each of these steps is very difficult, boring, and time-consuming for you. So, what is the solution? Stay with us to explain one of the best ways to do this.

The Best Way to Remove Telegram Contacts

To remove all your Telegram contacts in the best and fastest possible way. Our suggestion is to use a tool that performs all these steps automatically. There is a tool called the remove telegram contacts bot, which can be used to remove Telegram contacts without any trouble.

Using this Bot is so easy and you don’t have any difficulty. To implement this Bot, first, you just need to set the Bot based on your need. For example, you should enter the number of contacts that you want to remove. This tool is programmed in such a way that it automatically enters your Telegram, goes to the contacts section of Telegram, and from there enters the profile of the first contact and removes the contacts from the list.


Our goal in this article was to introduce you to how to remove the old contacts left in your Telegram contact list. In the beginning, we said that you can manually enter the contact’s profile and remove it, but later we concluded that this work is very difficult for a large number of people. Then we introduced you to a fast and safe method. We told you to leave these steps to the remove telegram contacts bot so that it can do this completely automatically.

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