Hummingbird Cleaner Feeder

Perfect gift for hummingbird and oriole lovers!

The Hummeze Hummingbird Cleaner Feeder is an easy, safe, convenient and quick way to clean your hummingbird and oriole, nectar feeders.

Our proprietary, patent-pending formula gently cleans and sanitizes your feeders without the need for scrubbing, brushing, or harsh chemicals.

Simply soak feeders in water with Hummeze. The unique colorimetric formula in Hummeze cleans the water with color when the feeders are clean!

A 6 oz packet gives about 12 cleanings and cleans 3 standard-size feeders at a time. At this price, this feeder is less than a quarter!

Hummeze is easy to use:

1. Separate the feeder and place in warm water with Hummeze
2. Allow to soak until the water runs clear of color.
3. Rinse and reassemble when dry.

that’s it! Mold and dirt seep through even the tiniest of cracks.

No scrubbing. No brushing. No harsh chemicals. no worries!


* 6 oz package lasts approximately 36 feeder cleanings.
* Clean your hummingbird feeder without harsh chemicals.
* Hummeze turns the water purple and clears when the feeder is clean.
* Easy to use with no brush or scrubbing required
* Made in USA

Size: 6-ounce package

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