Orange Tulip Scholarship In Mexico | Learn How To Apply & Win $5,000

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We are proud to announce the 2nd Orange Tulip Scholarship in Mexico. This is the second annual award granted to a Mexican student that is studying at the University of California, San Diego. The goal of this program is to provide scholarships to outstanding students.

Orange Tulip Scholarship Fund – Mexico – OTS Scholarship offer

We offer scholarships to students attending a school in Mexico that has a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) focus. The scholarship is available to students who meet the following requirements:

Orange Tulip Scholarship Fund is an organization that offers scholarships for college in Mexico, US and Canada. We want to offer scholarships to students in Mexico to help them get to the top of their education.

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Fund (OTS) is an organization that has a mission to fund undergraduate studies in Mexico. The students must come from a low-income family with annual income of less than $12,000 per year. The scholarship program is open to students who have applied to one of the two universities that belong to the OTS, but they can also apply directly

Admission requirements:

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Neso-Mexico Orange Tulip Scholarship

Neso-Mexico is the official website of the Neso-Mexico Orange Tulip scholarship program. Our Neso-Mexico Orange Tulip Scholarship is designed to encourage Mexican students to study abroad by providing them with a monthly stipend.

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the  Orange Tulip scholarship Mexico for 2016-2017, which allows us to provide scholarships for one high school student and one undergraduate student. The applicant must be a Mexican citizen, resident in Mexico and must have graduated from high school no later than June 2017.

Scholarship application deadline

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Eligibility and Criteria

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