The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Netherlands

Wow, these are the 15 mooiste strand van nederland! Fancy a day at the beach? Which beach is the best or most fun for the children or for a quiet walk on the beach? You’re in the right place on either the North Sea or the Wadden Sea beaches!

The Best Dutch Beaches

Braving autumn storms with the wind in your hair, clear blue skies with heads of white foam on clear winter days, sticky fingers of melting ice cream in summer and the first rays of the sun in your still life. Feeling of yellow heat on the skin. Spring You’ll understand us when we say that we always think the beach is a good idea. Whether we blow up or just get carried away by the heat. The Netherlands has no less than 353 km of North Sea coastline, but where can you find the most beautiful beaches? We bring you our 15 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.

Beaches run along the entire Dutch coast. Scheveningen to Vlieland, Zeeland Zoutelande and more. We suggest you stay near the beach or sometimes even on the beach. Are you ready for it? Let’s go to the beach or not: Vamos a la playa!

1. Cadzand-Bad

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2. Bergen by the Sea

Bergen aan Zee is a coastal village in North Holland and has a beautiful beach. Besides the beautiful beach, there is also a forest, which makes Bergen on Zee a wonderful place for cyclists and walkers.

3. Texel

Texel is sometimes referred to as the Ibiza of the North and we can imagine it well in the summer. In fact, the entire Texel region is highly recommended when it comes to beaches, although the west coast may have slightly nicer beaches. The beaches here have no name, but a pole number, each beach has its own atmosphere and target group. Paal 12, for example, is a wide and quiet beach and Paal 19 and 20 are excellent beaches for beach walks. Our favorite: Paal 33, with a beautiful view of Vlieland and directly behind the lighthouse. Fact: Texel has a total of less than 30 km of coastline.

Where to stay: Lendal Silfterveli — A great park in the northern part of Texel near the beach, the lighthouse and the beautiful Nature Reserve de Silvester.

4. Zoutelande

Zoutelande is a small Dutch town, located in the province of South Holland, with the coastline of the North Sea.

We are going to share with you some of the best beaches in the Netherlands, whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach for a quiet summer vacation, or an active holiday.

Zoutelande is one of the most beautiful, picturesque, and unspoiled beaches in the Netherlands. It is located in the province of North Brabant and is one of the country’s top tourist attractions. This beach is especially famous for its white sand, crystal clear water, and green landscape.

5. Ameland – Beach at Nes

One of the most beautiful beaches in Wieden is the Beach at Nes on Ameland. You could spend hours here just staring at the sea, but Nice has more beaches! It’s also a great place to explore the beach! At low tide you can find anything and everything on a wet beach: shells, wood, starfish and even real fossils. There are also many live animals to see such as birds, crabs, crabs and bur, jellyfish! The beach is wide, so never too busy and then that sunset… a beach to spend the whole day on.

As you can see: The Netherlands has beautiful beaches. Something to be proud of and enjoy! Do you want to see more? Read our article about the most beautiful beaches in Zeeland or check out the most beautiful beach towns in the Netherlands.

6. Old Village

Dutch Beaches of Old Village, located in the city of Amsterdam, offers the opportunity to have fun and discover the best beaches in Amsterdam. Enjoy a relaxing time with your family or friends. You can rent one of the apartments that are located in the center of the beach.

If you want to get to know the Dutch culture, you have to visit their beaches! They are one of the most unique places in the world, where you can relax while enjoying nature. There are many beautiful places in the Netherlands, but we love visiting the villages in particular.

7. Schiermonnikoog

There are beautiful beaches in the Netherlands and one of them is the island of Schiermonnikoog. It offers a variety of different sandy beaches, like the famous beach of Wadden, the wild beach of the dunes, and the beach of the forest.

Schiermonnikoog Island beaches are in the province of North Holland, a part of the Netherlands located between the IJ estuary, which separates it from Amsterdam, and the Wadden Sea.

8. Noordwijk aan Zee

Dutch Beach in Noordwijk aan Zee is one of the best beaches in the Netherlands with its white sandy beaches and small dunes. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands. Noordwijk aan Zee is famous for the first Beach Volleyball World Championship in 1953. The beach is located between Woodstein and Nordo.

9. Domburg

Domburg are many wonderful beaches in the Netherlands! In this blog, we will share pictures of the beautiful beaches and share some information about the various types of beaches, and also share some pictures of the beautiful sea birds.

In the past, we’ve written a lot of posts about Dutch beach, including the latest one about the most beautiful Dutch beaches in The Hague

10. Callant’s Eye

Dutch beaches of Callant’s Eye are one of the most attractive places in the Netherlands. The natural beach is located at the North Sea. Here are some of the most popular attractions.

Dutch Beaches of Callant’s Eye is a website dedicated to the unique beaches in the North Sea. The website showcases some of the best beaches in the world. Each beach has a different story to tell. The website has a unique look and feel.

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