The Amazing Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

It’s one of the most beautiful, creative art forms in the world—dance! From the graceful strength of ballet to the toe-tapping beats of jazz, dance is something everyone can enjoy, including children.

Dance is an amazing activity that kids of any age can enjoy. There are so many types of children’s dance classes too, including hip hop, swing, contemporary, ballet, and ballroom.

Curious about how dance classes can benefit your child? If so, keep reading to find some of the best reasons to sign your child up for a local dance class.

Dance Classes Offer Many Physical Benefits

One amazing reason why dance classes for children are great is that it boosts their physical fitness. Regular exercise, like dance classes, has been proven to help kids have healthy bones and joints and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases later in life.

Through dance, children develop a love for exercise and physical fitness from a young age that they can carry through life. With so many adults today suffering health problems due to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to foster a love of fitness in your kids.

Here are a few physical benefits that dance can offer.

Balance and Posture

Whether it’s ballet, jazz, or modern, dance is all about balance and posture. It forces you to stand up straight, challenge your balance, and push your body to achieve more.

This is ideal for young ones since it helps them develop good habits, like proper posture and sitting up straight, from a young age. Good posture prevents back, shoulder, and neck pain as we get older.


If you’ve ever tried dancing, you likely worked up quite a sweat! All types of dance involve strenuous physical activity, great for keeping kids strong, burning off excess energy, and giving them a productive way to spend time after school.

Your child is sure to sleep better after a dance class and it’s much better for their bodies than screen time or sitting around the house!

Dance classes are always tailored to their age group. So young kids and toddlers will enjoy classes that are all about moving, having fun, and playing, while older kids will be able to tackle more complex dance moves and workouts.


Dancing will also help your kids with flexibility, keeping them limber. Flexibility also reduces their chances of injury when playing sports and gives them a full range of motion.

Kids Can Make New Friends Through Dance

Whether you’ve just moved to a new area or you want to expand your child’s network, dance classes are one of the easiest ways for kids to make new friends.

Dancing together in a dance troop, kids get to know one another quickly and bond over shared experiences. Even shy kids will have plenty of opportunities to talk to other kids and spend time together.

Once you notice friendships blooming, talk to other parents about setting up some playdates—your kids are sure to love it!

If you’ve just moved to a new area, do some research online to find the best dance school. If you’re in the Mississauga area, dance classes by Erinvale are a great option.

Learn the Value of Teamwork

It’s not always easy to work in teams, even for adults! This is why it’s helpful for kids to learn about teamwork and collaboration from an early age.

Dance is ideal for this since each individual has to work together with others to make the performance a success. By sharing the stage, kids learn about compromise, cooperation, and respect for others.

They then get to enjoy the shared success of a completed dance recital, something that everyone worked hard to achieve together. Practice makes perfect, so it feels wonderful for kids to have a strong sense of achievement and to see their dedication pay off.

Build Confidence

Dance classes for kids can be a great confidence-builder. It’s normal for children to feel nervous in the public eye or to experience worry and self-doubt.

But learning how to dance on a stage, even if it’s just for fun, it’s an incredible way to boost your confidence. This can boost their self-esteem, which will carry over into other aspects of their life, such as public speaking and leadership skills.

Dance Is Fun!

It sounds obvious, but one incredible reason to give dance classes a try is that they’re fun! If kids are having fun while doing something, they’re more likely to want to stick with it and keep going.

Moving to music, whether it’s grooving to hip hop or pirouetting to classical, there’s so much fun to be had in dance classes.

To help your child discover what they enjoy, let them try out a few different types of dance until they find a favorite. Let them take the lead, as you don’t want to force kids into doing something they don’t really enjoy.

Sign Your Child Up for Dance Classes This Year

Ready to change your child’s life for the better? If you’re loving all of these benefits of dance classes, think about signing up your child for a class.

Do some research online about dance schools, talk to your child about their interests, and decide on a class that would best meet their needs. And yes, it goes without saying, but dance is awesome for both boys and girls!

Get started today and watch your child grow into a happier, healthier, and more confident person with the help of dance.

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