Pictures of Nikki Catsura Death Became a Nightmare for Her family.

Sometimes even death can make people famous. A similar thing happened after Nikki Catsura’s car accident. Internet immortality was achieved by Nikki Catsouras after her terrifying death in a car crash. She was eighteen years old college girl living with her family in California.

The camera was a part of her life as she likes to shoot videos and pictures from a camera. No doubt it was a camera that memorizes her life as well as her death. When she was alive her attractive pictures with innocent smiles bring happiness to her family.

On the other hand, Nikki Catsura’s death photographs taken by highway California patrol officers become viral on the internet. These photos and people’s attitudes towards them became the cause of extreme distress for the Nikki Catsura family.

Nikki Catsura death photo controversy

The Nikki Catsura death photo controversy concerns the spilled photo of Nicole “Nikki” Catsuras (March 4, 1988 – October 31, 2006). She died at 18 years old in a rapid fender bender in the wake of failing to keep a grip on a Porsche 911 Carrera, which had a place with her dad, and slamming into a tollgate in Lake Forest, California. The Nikki Catsura death photo’s gravely distorted body was distributed on the web, driving her family to make a lawful move because of the pain this caused.

After getting badly hurt by people’s attitude regarding Nikki Catsura’s death photograph registered a case in the superior court of California against the California Highway Patrol and its two officers. Nikki’s Dad said that these were the Nikki Catsura crime scene photos and they should not be leaked on the internet publicly because of this act of California Highway Patrol we faced extreme emotional torture from the public on the death of our beloved daughter.

The judge allowed the Catsouras family to move forward with their case against leaking their daughter’s death photographs. The internal investigation about Nikki Catsura’s crash death photos led the California Highway Patrol to issue a formal apology and, took action the prevention of such things in the future.

The California Highway Patrol sent the cease and desist notice to the websites for removing the Nikki Catsura Death Photographs. Her family hired a reputation defender to remove these photos from the internet. The websites removed 2,500 instances of these Nikki Catsura death pictures. But, the complete removal of Nikki Castra’s photos is indeed impossible.

Her injuries and what they mean

Nikki Catsura’s injuries ranged from abrasions and bruises to a broken pelvis, broken vertebrae, and a traumatic brain injury. These are the most major injuries that she sustained. However, there were other less serious injuries that she suffered as well. She also suffered from bruised ribs, a fractured skull, and an open laceration on her calf. The extent of these injuries is unknown at this time.

Nikki Catsura is currently in stable condition due to her extensive medical care. Doctors are only able to speak about some of the conditions at this time because they cannot discover all of it through pre-existing tests and procedures.

As soon as Nikki Catsura realized what was happening, she unbuckled herself and pushed herself out of the vehicle before it crashed into a cement wall.

First California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District

On second thought decided that the Catsuras family reserved the option to sue the litigants for carelessness and deliberate punishment of enthusiastic pain. Referring to the activities of O’Donnell and Reich as “foul” and “ethically inadequate”, the court expressed:

We depend upon the CHP to secure and serve general society. It is contradictory to that assumption for the CHP to cause hurt upon us by making the desolated stays of our friends and family the subject of Internet drama. O’Donnell and Reich owed the offended parties an obligation not to take advantage of CHP-gained proof in such a way as to put them in predictable danger of grave enthusiastic distress.

Second California Court of Appeal for the Fourth District

Reich guaranteed that he messaged the Nikki Catsura death photo as an alert with regards to the risks of inebriated driving since he messaged the photo with an enemy of the intoxicated driving message. In spite of Catsuras’ posthumous assessment uncovering a blood liquor content of nothing. The three-equity board that assessed Reich’s allure expressed. Any article remarks that Reich might have made concerning the photo are not before us.

The judges addressed whether the beneficiaries actually held the messages. Yet Reich’s lawyer yielded that they had not explored this.

The Family Received Around $2.37 Million in Damages

On January 30, 2012, the CHP arrived at a settlement with the Catsuras family. Under which the family got around $2.37 million in harm. CHP representative Fran Clader remarked: “No measure of cash can make up for the aggravation the Catsuras family has endured. We have arrived at a goal with the family to save significant expenses of proceeding with a suit and a jury preliminary. It is our expectation that with this lawful issue settled, the Catsuras family can get some closure.”


We must not do such things which become the cause of someone’s emotional distress. Especially, making fun of someone’s death and teasing the victim’s family is against ethics. We must respect the feelings and emotions of each other, specifically in case of someone’s death.

The Nikki Catsura death photographs story also has a lesson for all young drivers all over the world. Whenever you guys are on road, you have to drive carefully at a speed at which you can control your vehicle easily. Don’t cross the safety limit of the vehicle speed on a particular road. All these traffic rules are made for our safety. Our little violation can become the cause of our brutal and horrific death in a road accident. We can become the reason for the tears and emotional pain of our family just because of our actions.

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