TV Vs Projector – Which Is Better to Buy

Although they fulfill the same mission, the two devices are quite different. Check out the main features of the devices and know-how to decide which one is best for you.

The use of the projector in place of a smart TV has been the subject of social networks such as TikTok and Instagram. Although this idea is increasingly on the rise, with new releases on the market, it is necessary to put it in the balance and assess whether it is really worth making this switch. It is important to consider that there are less favored projectors and others more powerful, as with televisions. There are also subtle differences between the two devices that consumers should be aware of before making a purchase.

To understand these differences, we separated three reasons to buy a smart TV and three reasons to buy a projector. Read on and decide which one is best for you.

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Reasons to Buy a Smart TV

1. Better contrast

In general, the contrast of smart TVs is much better than that of projectors. This is because projectors are designed to deliver an image on a clear surface that can reflect its light. As a result, the dark areas of the image are not as deep. Meanwhile, major TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG invest in technologies that improve colors and make the contrast more vivid and intense on televisions.

Although there are projectors with good image quality, these devices were not designed to deliver scenes with OLED and QLED quality. Therefore, users who do not give up this quality while watching movies and series should bet on smart TVs — even if the price is higher for the pocket.

2. Operating system and sound

Other features that can make the smart TV stand out from the projector are the operating system’s sound and presence. This means that companies have developed speakers designed for action movies, romance, and other genres.

The audio quality is much better compared to projectors, as there are technologies designed just for that. The operating system is another highlight, as smart TV allows you to play games, download streaming apps, and access media more easily. In the case of a projector, it is usually necessary to open the browser and use platforms such as Netflix and Globoplay in the desktop version. This can decrease resources for the user and make usability a little slower.

The Freestyle, a projector announced this week by Samsung, has an operating system just like television and can download applications such as streaming services. He, however, is still an exception in the market.

3. No white wall is needed.

Finally, you don’t need a white wall or white screens to project the image with a smart TV. It is possible to place the device supported on furniture in the living room and bedroom and use wall support and install it wherever you want. The recommended thing is just to leave it away from windows, as the light can get in the way.

In this case, even if the television is more expensive for the consumer’s pocket, it can mean long-term savings since he doesn’t have to paint the wall or buy a white screen. Not to mention less work, as there is no need to arrange the ideal environment to position the smart TV.

Reasons to Buy a Projector

1. Bigger size, lower price

Projectors are designed to adjust the image the way the user wants. If he wants to see the bigger screen, it is possible to move the device away and leave scenes from movies and series almost the size of an entire wall. This can be an interesting purchase option for those who enjoy watching life-size action shorts.

The same happens if the consumer wants to make the screen smaller. This can be done in the projector’s settings as well as how to bring it closer to the wall. It is much simpler to adjust the size and leave it the ideal way. In addition, the price is much lower than a smart TV and can cost a fifth of the value compared to OLED and QLED televisions of the same number of inches.

2. Home cinema feeling

With the expanded image, people who enjoy the cinema feel can delight in projectors. Thanks to this function, this device has become popular with many users, which allows you to enlarge the scene and even cover an entire wall. Choosing a projector promises to provide that feeling for people who like to watch movies and series in a more intimate way.

Another interesting factor is the possibility of connecting speakers to the projector and transforming the experience into cinema sound. Many of these electronics do not have good audio, which can be overcome with good quality gadgets geared towards this function. Just buy the model you want and check for cables that connect to the projector.

3. Installation and portability

The ease of taking the projector to various places is one of the advantages of smart TVs.

Finally, while you need a white screen or clear wall to see the projector image, the device takes up much less space. In addition, thanks to the portability of the projectors, you can take the device anywhere and have the cinema feeling wherever you are. This could be a great choice for friends who want to watch horror movies or any other genre together.

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