Signs It’s Time to Hire a Lawn Maintenance Service for Your Home

Did you know that 40 percent of Americans with a yard hire professional lawn maintenance services to help them keep their home looking great? Taking care of a lawn is time-consuming and requires the right expertise, which is why so many people choose to turn to experts.

But how do you know if it is time to turn to professionals? Let us look at some signs you need to hire a lawn maintenance service.

Lawn Maintenance Service for Brown Grass

If your lawn is missing proper nutritional care, is not getting enough water, or is just neglected, it can start turning brown. It is an unsightly issue that can lower your home’s value and can make you enjoy your property less.

Professional lawn care services know how to take care of a lawn that is turning brown. A company like can install sprinkler systems so you do not have to stress about a watering schedule and they can provide the added nutrients the grass may need to grow green once again.

Seasonal Damage

The fall and winter seasons can wreak havoc on your lawn. There may be debris and damaged grass after months of frost. A professional lawn maintenance company can handle these challenges.

They will also take advantage of the spring to plant new plants so that you can have a stunning lawn by the time summer comes around.

Lawn Pests

Insects can cause a lot of damage to a lawn. You may not even notice that you have these pests until your lawn is in danger and you will not be sure how to handle the problem. There are different types of insects and different approaches to treating affected plants, so you have to hire experts for it.

Drainage Issues

If you see your lawn does not have the right aeration system in place, it can get water-logged and die. If you start noticing patches of dying grass without apparent cause, this can be an issue. A professional will be able to inspect the lawn and can see what the drainage is like.

If the drainage is not working correctly, professionals will be able to provide a solution.

Large Yards

Taking care of a regularly-sized yard is difficult enough but if you have a large one it can seem almost impossible. You may not have the time to do so and that will mean ending up with a lawn that looks damaged and neglected.

You want to also consider that professionals also have the right equipment, ensuring efficient maintenance.

Get a Beautiful Lawn

A professional lawn maintenance service will be able to offer the kind of results you want for your lawn. Why do all of the work yourself when you can hire experts who can do a much better job? Whether you are unhappy with a patchy lawn or you are concerned about pests, turn to professionals.

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