Treat Yourself, Mama: 3 Innovative Beauty Tips for the Single Mom

Being a mom is a full-time job and then some. The number of work doubles when you’re a single mom doing everything on your own. A single mom’s sole focus is on providing and caring for her children, so when do you have the time to take care of yourself?

It’s not difficult to become lost in the world of motherhood and forget to take some time for yourself here and there. Now, more than ever, you deserve some simple beauty tips that you can use on a daily basis no matter how hectic things get.

In the guide below, you’ll find several helpful beauty tips for moms.

1. Visit a Beauty Bar

We know what you’re thinking. When do you have the time to visit a beauty bar near me? Your schedule is busy, and you’re constantly running errands and adding appointments to your calendar.

When you plan in advance, you can add an appointment to your calendar for the next month. Select a date each month to visit the beauty bar and lock it in on your calendar. 

This appointment is as important as the appointment with your dentist or that weekend birthday party your child got invited to. At the beauty bar, you can schedule a makeover, waxing, hair cut or styling, get your lashes done, plus more and you deserve it!

2. Braid Your Hair

Taking the time to style your hair each morning might not always be realistic. Sometimes, all you have the time for is a quick brush and a messy bun (at the most)! You’ve most likely rocked a messy bun for several years because it’s a simple way to quickly get your hair out of your face.

Another great way to get your hair off of your face is braiding it. Start braiding your hair in the mornings for something different. It doesn’t have to be a super stylish braid either. 

A simple and basic braid will do and will look super cute on you!

3. Use a BB Cream

The “BB” stands for beauty balm cream or blemish balm cream. Why do you need it?

If you have an uneven skin tone, then a BB cream could help even it out. They also have SPF 30 or so in them along with vitamins. The cream helps moisturize your skin and gives you some great coverage as a foundation would. 

This cream is loved by all single moms because it’s a 3-in-one cream that you won’t have to reapply!

Every Mom Needs These Simple Beauty Tips

Finding time for yourself as a single mom is a challenge. Sometimes, it’s the last thing that’s on your mind. However, you deserve to take care of yourself as well as you take care of your children. 

When you use some of these simple beauty tips listed above, you can quickly and easily improve your current beauty routine. For more health and lifestyle topics, continue to check back here regularly. 

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