What Are the Best Flooring Materials for Your Garage?

Homeowners who have a garage on their property will know it’s well worn from years of usage. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the flooring, especially if you’re renovating a garage.

In 2017, 63% of housing units had garages or carports, and that number probably hasn’t changed much since then.

But what are the best flooring materials to use for your garage design? Below are some great ones to consider!


Concrete is one of the most popular options for garage floors. As you already know, concrete is a hard and resilient substance, which means it’ll withstand the weight of your car driving on and off it daily.

Also, concrete is very budget-friendly. So if you need to cut some costs, concrete’s the way to go.

If you do go with concrete, then make sure to get the concrete coating. Not only will it give your garage flooring a more attractive look, but it’ll also give it extra protection. Check with Garage Force for more information if you’re interested!

Rubber Tile

Rubber tile is a good option if you’d like to DIY your garage reno or you want the installation process to be quick and easy. You can buy interlocking ones to put down in your garage. Not only is this easy, but it also gives your flooring more stability and strength.

Other positives of rubber tiles are they’re easy to clean and don’t need much maintenance. They’re also optimal for any climate zone.


Vinyl might seem like a weird choice for a garage, but it’s still a viable option. It’s best used for garages that don’t get much traffic, such as if you’re storing and working on a classic car.

You can pick out vinyl tiles with custom patterns that look amazing, plus they’re flexible. This is another flooring choice that’s easy to clean and doesn’t need much maintenance.


If you’d like a more luxurious feel and you’ve got a huge budget, then stone flooring is a fantastic choice for your garage. Options include flagstone, sandstone, and graphite.

Stone flooring might be expensive, but because they’re “made” by nature, you’ll have something that’s truly unique. This material is also very hard and resilient, with plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.

The only caveat is that stone flooring can make a room feel cold. So if you spend a lot of time in your garage and you live somewhere that has low temperatures most of the time, or the winters are harsh, then you might want to reconsider.

Choose From the Best Flooring Materials

You now have some excellent flooring materials to choose from. Whether it’s concrete, vinyl, or stone, there’s something out there for every budget and taste. So explore your options and make your renovation project a success!

If you’re doing more than just remodeling a garage, then get more home improvement advice from our blog page now.

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