4 signs your digital product might need a UX Consultation

Today, you can make a visually beautiful site but do not take into account the needs of a simple user. User experience (UX) is an essential determining factor because, without it, any tricks will not be able to bring the necessary conversion.

Design is the first thing you pay attention to when you open a web page or application. The user experience mainly depends on the design, as well as how it contributes to brand awareness.

In recent years, competition in the market has increased significantly, and site and application owners are ready to go to any lengths to provide the required amount of traffic. To do this, they are willing to invest a lot of money – all in order to get an attractive unique design that will be able to give the user what he expects immediately after opening the home page.

Today we will take a closer look at what UX design is, why it is so important, and what are the main signs that your digital product needs a UX consultant.

What is UX design, and why is it important?

UX design is a technique by which developers achieve the satisfaction of various user requests, as well as their loyalty. The application should be convenient, understandable, and easy to use. The main emphasis is on ensuring that all users enjoy interacting with the software solution.

Since the advent of digital technology and new ways of working, the virtual world has evolved into something far more vital and challenging to manage. In the past, static rectilinear presentations of information were tedious and boring.

The key to success, on the other hand, hasn’t changed. Everything hinges on the user’s assessment of your work. There are several factors that determine whether or not an individual will continue to use the website in the future based on these evaluations. All of these questions should be answered “yes” by a professional UX designer.

Who are UX consultants and what is their role?

A UX designer and a business consultant combine their skills as UX consultants. A consultant concentrates on the commercial elements of design, unlike a standard designer. Consultants are an excellent option for companies that are aware of systemic issues but don’t know how to fix them.

Auditing mobile applications and websites is a common service offered by several firms. In the event that the final product does not live up to expectations, the consultant will assist in streamlining the user experience and identifying bugs in the user interface. Additionally, a UX consultation can be used to assist with product design and development stages such as prototyping.

Additionally, the consultant can carry out usability testing as well. Problems may be found and evaluated, as well as the interface’s usability and effectiveness. In order to figure out why a website or app has a low conversion rate and why people give apps bad reviews in the App Store and Google Play, usability testing is essential. Your product may be compared with competitors’ products using usability testing to see how it performs.

Working with a UX consultant helps you increase your ROI on your design investment. In this way, you can improve your product, increase conversion, increase sales and retain users.

4 signs your digital product might need a UX Consultation

Let’s now take a closer look at 4 signs that your digital product needs a UX consultant.

Lack of in-house expertise

UX is a very diverse field. Sometimes it is very challenging to find a person who’s equally good at all subparts of visual design and research. In this case, a UX consultant becomes a great assistant. Before starting the development of a new product, you can use the services of a consultant to understand those processes that the employees already working with you cannot understand. Most often, consultants help do the necessary research, conduct business analysis, and build a further development strategy.

Dwindling product metrics

If you notice that your conversions have dropped or your website visits have become noticeably lower, then a UX consultant can help you figure out what could be causing this. Consultants will conduct the necessary analysis of your product, test it and find the reason for the decline in certain metrics. They will also offer you several methods to correct this situation and help to bring them to life.

Lack of new ideas

Very often, companies that want to develop a new product or are already in the process of building it face the problem of a lack of ideas. In this situation, UX consultants will gladly help you. They will evaluate your existing ideas, analyze the concept of your business and offer possible interesting options for the further development of your company and product.

Uncertainty around your next product moves

If you notice that you are standing still and do not know where to go next in developing your digital product, you definitely need the help of a UX consultant. UX consultants help build a clear action plan for product development and think over a strategy that will help develop a high-quality and, most importantly, user-centric product. Do not neglect the services of consultants when it comes to the future of your company and your product.


A UX consultant can help startups as well. A specialist consultant will help identify how users can use a product or service. Plus, if users do not understand the startup’s problem, the consultant will always advise how to improve the project or how to change the idea itself.

Whether or not to hire a UX consultant is up to you. But if you need help, contact UX studio Adamfard. A team of professionals will be happy to help you!

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