How to Make Perfect Coffee: Your Ultimate Guide to Making Coffee

Let’s face it: America runs on coffee. Ask anyone, from an overworked college student to an adult running from one job to another, and they’ll tell you they need their morning cup to function. The serious potential for caffeine addiction aside, people love their coffee and coffee-based drinks. 

However, with the pandemic closing down or severely reducing the business of many coffee shops, it has been difficult to get a good cup of coffee. If you’re wondering how to make the perfect coffee, then wonder no longer. Our guide will show you how.

It’s All About the Beans

If you want to make perfect coffee at home, you have to start off with a solid foundation. For coffee, that means using good beans. Ideally, you want to buy something fair-trade and ethically sourced. Make sure the beans have been stored away from bright lights to ensure maximum freshness.

Mind Your Grind

If you want to know how to make the perfect coffee, one thing to keep in mind is your grind. While you can buy decent ground coffee from the store, the best coffee is that which you grind at home. If you grind your own beans, you can control the coarseness of the grind and draw different flavor profiles out of the same set of beans.

Use High-Quality Water

Tap water in the United States can have somewhat inconsistent properties. If your water gets treated with too many chemicals, that aftertaste will leak into your morning cup of joe. So, make sure you have a solid mineral filter to give your water the best possible flavor profile.

Don’t Overheat the Brew

We all like a nice, piping hot cup of coffee on cold mornings. Our next piece of coffee-making advice shows that it’s best not to overheat your brew. The higher the heat to which you expose the coffee beans, the more bitter the flavor becomes. If you’re not a fan of overly-bitter coffees, it’s best to monitor the temperature closely.

Allow Proper Brewing Time

One of the biggest mistakes you can make, whether you brew tea or coffee is to rush the process. Both tea and coffee need time to steep and brew, without allowing too much time for the drinks to become bitter.

Use the Right Tools

Of course, you can follow all the tips about making good coffee you like. However, without the proper tools, you won’t be able to enjoy the drinks you love most. Whether you prefer the smooth flavors created by French presses or the sharp caffeine burst made by Gaggia espresso machines, you need the right tools to brew them.

Want to Learn More About How to Make the Perfect Coffee?

Following our coffee-making advice will get you well on your way to improving your pre-work breakfast routine. However, if you need more advice to learn how to make the perfect coffee, check out our blog. We update each day with more helpful and informative food articles like this one.

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