How to Install Solar Panels: A Basic Guide

There are countless benefits to solar panel installation for your home. Keep reading to learn how to install solar panels on your house. 

Using a completely free source of energy like solar energy seems like a no-brainer but a lot of people don’t know where to begin. What are the best solar panels to harness this abundant resource to power your home? 

When looking at the various types of solar panels, the biggest question homeowners have is in regards to what kind of savings can they expect to see. 

The second question a homeowner may ask is, “Can I install solar panels myself?” 

Location, Location, Location 

Where you place your solar panels is important. You need to pick the best location to get the most out of your panels. Choose a location where the panels will get maximum sun exposure for the majority of the day. 

Also, analyze the pitch and direction of your roof. These factors affect how efficiently the solar modules work. 

Build Your Platform 

Your platform can consist of concrete pillars and 4x4s or metal or aluminum rails. It has to be strong enough to withstand extreme weather. 

You’ll make it the proper length and width for the solar panels you’re using. You’ll run the conduits from the point of installation to the point in the house where the generated power is processed.  

Mount the Panels 

Next, mount the panels on the platform with either clamps, bolts, or brackets. You’ll want to ensure that the modules are secure on the platform and do your best to avoid damaging the roof.

Wire the Solar Modules 

The wiring stage is crucial to the overall success of your installation. Wire the solar modules together with junction connectors or a fuse box to combine the wires. Use insulation to keep power from leaking. 

Next, you’ll connect the exterior wires to the interior control panels allowing energy to flow to the battery bank. 


Grounding the solar panels and mounting system is a must to protect yourself and others from electric shock, prevent fire, and protect against lightning.  

Connecting Components 

The battery backup and all the other components like the panels, charge controller, and inverter need to be properly connected to the main electrical control panel of the house so the power is directed to that control panel. 

Once you do your test run, you’re ready to go. 

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How to Install Solar Panels: The Bottom Line 

With these steps and information on how to install solar panels, you’ll enjoy solar panel benefits and the savings that come with them. If the project looks like it’s too big to handle, consult a qualified technician for advice on installing solar panels. 

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