The Importance of Digital Experience Optimization and How It Can Be Improved

Customers want more than just products on a shelf or items flashing across the screen.

Did you know more than 85% of consumers will happily pay even more for better experiences?

The tools are all around you. Websites, apps, mobile phones, social media, and more work together to produce immersive customer experiences.

It’s time to think beyond traditional means and embrace the digital experience. In this article, you’ll discover tips, tools, and trends for developing 21-century experiences.

Keep in Touch With Your Customers

Digital experience optimization isn’t scary. In fact, it’s a pretty intuitive process.

First, start by putting yourself in your customers‘ shoes. What type of customer service do you expect from a business? This simple question reveals a lot about your own strengths and weaknesses.

For example, suppose you want more communication from your current house contractor. Could you be more communicative with your customers, as well? How often do you communicate with customers, and what are your primary delivery methods?

If the lack of communication by your contractor makes you feel uneasy, your customers may feel the same about your communication strategy.

Ways to Improve Digital Communication

Do you send follow-up emails after correspondence? Do you automate confirmation emails after sign-ups and purchases? Are customers confident about where you stand on health and safety?

If you answered “no” to all three of these questions, there’s definite room for improvement. Keeping customers in the loop is an overlooked aspect of the digital experience. Yet, it’s essential for high customer retention rates.

Here are a few ways to improve customer communication:

  • Enable push notifications on your app
  • Send out email newsletters
  • Use SMS notifications
  • Install a chatbot on your site
  • Add a knowledge base to your website
  • Use real live chat agents

Stellar digital experiences provide instant reassurance to customers.

If they have an urgent question, they can speak with a human chat agent. If they’re having trouble with their product, they can put in a support ticket and receive instant confirmation.

Newsletters are an excellent way to update customers on your latest health and safety protocols. Email newsletters also reassure customers that new products are on the way.

If you’re in the health or pet niche, you can enclose helpful tips in your newsletters. This method shows you care about customers’ health beyond appointment days.

Recognize the Customer Journey

Digital experience optimization centers on the human experience. Instead of seeing buying as a process, view it as a journey. This approach is often referred to as the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey is fundamental to inbound marketing, which is critical for the digital experience. The buyer’s journey recognizes the steps, while inbound marketing creates a strategy for each step.

Every buyer’s journey starts somewhere.

For example, some customers know exactly what they want. So, they hop on their computer and search for the exact product name. Thus, their journey starts at that point.

Your job is to capture customers during this journey and produce digital experiences that inspire action.

How would you capture the customer in the above example?

Since they already know what they want, try the following methods:

  • A robust Google shopping campaign
  • Adwords ads that appear above organic results
  • An organic SEO campaign
  • Product image optimization
  • A product review guide

Include the product page in your Adwords text ad. A call-to-action will inspire consumers to purchase the product directly from your site.

Ensure your shopping cart experience is easy-peasy. Great digital experiences have low cart abandonment rates.

Breaking Down the Digital Customer Experience

Do you see what just happened there? You created a digital experience.

In this case, you created an experience in the following ways:

First, you captured the customer in Google search with the following methods:

  • Google shopping
  • Adwords text ads
  • First-page organic results

Next, you guided them toward their purchase with these three methods:

  • A call-to-action that evokes urgency
  • Quality product page content
  • Hassle-free shopping cart

Don’t forget to wrap up your digital experience with a ‘thank you’ email!

What if someone is merely learning about a product, service, or topic? You can still create a digital experience by attracting them during this stage.

Knowledge Is Power

Here’s another example:

Let’s say someone wants to learn about the benefits of lavender soap. This phrase indicates that they’re interested in lavender soap. Where there is interest, there’s an opportunity for a sale.

Even if they’re not shopping specifically for lavender soap, you can create an informational guide that discusses its benefits in-depth. This strategy also positions you as an authority on lavender soap, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Analyzing Your Progress

Great digital experiences aren’t created in a vacuum. They take a team of marketers, creatives, and analysts. Stellar experiences also “learn” from the mistakes of the past.

How can you make compelling experiences in the future if you don’t learn from past mistakes?

The best way to catch mistakes is to monitor digital experiences. There are several metrics to track, like customer satisfaction and digital experience maturity. You can learn more about DX maturity rates from

Customer experience software also visualizes data, making it easier to understand and apply. You can also measure your current DX campaigns against previous campaigns.

Catching mistakes is one thing. You must discover DX opportunities too. A gap analysis can reveal what everyone is ignoring, including your competition.

Data-driven DX campaigns save more money than traditional campaigns. Instead of throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, focus on target audiences who’re naturally interested in your products.

Data insights will help you craft personalized DX campaigns, bridging even deeper connections with customers.

Create a Digital Experience that Matters

Does your current customer experience strategy feel uninspired?

Breathe life into your marketing with digital experience strategies!

Explore new ways to improve the customer experience with digital tools. Don’t forget to browse the blog for more actionable tips.

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