How to Hire a Painter for Your Home: A Basic Guide

When you’re thinking about how to hire a painter near you, you often don’t think about the greeks. But exterior painting is an old profession, that was even lifesaving.

Curing Cholera may not be on your mind when you’re doing exterior work on your house and hiring a painter, but we have you covered for everything else.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know before searching for “a painter near me.”

Don’t Stop at One Quote

Get at least three estimates. Every quote is more ammunition in finding the right price. Get on social media, asking if people you know have used a company like Metro Painting in your area.

Doing searches for “Painter near me” can only get you so far. Word of mouth will give you honest reviews of what previous customers liked and didn’t like about their services.

Looking at the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PCA) you can find if they’re a member of the national organization.

Every area has different specific requirements due to humidity and other concerns. Getting a quote that will work nationwide is nearly impossible. Remember a quote is not an obligation to use their service.

Have a List of Questions Ready

To know what is an important consideration in your area, you need to prepare questions for the interview and quote in advance.

  • Things like:
    Is there a warranty for your work?
  • Do you specialize in certain exteriors like brick and stucco?
  • How experienced are the workers you’ll be using on my project?
  • What makes you better than the competition?
  • Can you get a contract that everyone is accountable for?
  • Are you and all your workers licensed and insured?
  • What paint brand and type are you going to use?
  • Why do you use that brand?

Some questions are so important that you literally should check them off of a list and write down the answers.

What’s Extra and What’s Included?

Painting doesn’t come with a lot of industry jargon, like other home services such as framing. If you aren’t careful, there are a lot of “extras” that aren’t included in the labor, too.

Check to see if these things are included:

  • The cost of paints
  • Power washing and cleaning
  • Patching and saanding
  • Caulking
  • General surface prep
  • Cleanup

However, asking if there’s anything that isn’t included upfront will help you to have a comprehensive estimate of the situation.

How to Hire a Painter: Exterior Residential Painters

When deciding how to hire a painter, it’s good to remember that there are interior and exterior experts. There are different needs that make hiring one painter different from another. A residential painter will also be very different in practice from a commercial painter, though both are big jobs.

It can also be a big job to hire the right exterior residential painter near you, but now you’re armed with the questions and knowledge you need.

To keep being informed, make sure you check out our other great offerings and keep browsing!

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