The Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant

Did you know the median earning of Americans is just over $41,500? Whether you’re currently lower or higher than that amount, you might not be happy with your current job.

This might be a good time to consider a career change. Not only can you have better job satisfaction, but you might get a higher salary too!

If you’re considering becoming a dental assistant as a career option, then keep reading. We’ll discuss all the benefits you’ll get by choosing this career path!

Training Is Quick

To become a dental assistant, you’ll need formal education and training. However, you won’t have to spend years in school.

Programs, such as the UMA dental assistant training program, allow you to earn a diploma in just 12 months, sometimes even faster!

You Can Get an Online Certification

Not only can you get your dental assistant diploma quickly, but you won’t have to always attend in-person classes either. If you’re busy with your current job and family obligations, you’ll be happy to know that you can also get online education so it’ll fit your hectic schedule better.

Job Opportunities Are Great

People will always have dental issues, which means the need for dentists and dental assistants won’t go away. In fact, it’s projected that the employment of dental assistants will grow by 11% from 2020 to 2030, which is very fast growth!

So after you complete your training, you won’t have to worry that you won’t be able to find a job. A job opportunity will land in your lap quickly!

The Pay’s Excellent

Because the demand for dental assistants is high, you can expect the pay to be excellent as well. In 2020, the median pay was $41,180 per year.

If you stick with this career, there’s the potential to earn over $53,100 per year!

Enjoy Flexibility in Job Options

Once you’ve gotten your dental assistant diploma, you can work practically anywhere in the nation! So if you’re someone who likes to explore new places, this can be perfect for you.

Also, you can work in many different dental settings, from orthodontic to oral surgeon offices.

You Won’t Be Trapped in an Office Job

Many people find sitting around in an office cubicle boring. If this sounds like your current job, then you might want a way out.

Working as a dental assistant allows you to be on your feet throughout the day, performing various tasks and interacting with both staff and patients.

Satisfy Your Need to Help Others

If you’re a hands-on person who loves to help others, then a career as a dental assistant is ideal for you. You’ll be able to help patients achieve the bright smile they’ve always wanted!

Make This Career Option a Reality

Becoming a dental assistant can be a highly rewarding experience, as you’ve seen from this article. If you’re serious about this as a career option, then the next step is to get some training and the proper certifications so you can get your foot in the door!

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