Your Guide to Branded Marketing and Promotional Products

Despite popular belief, branding and marketing are not the same. Marketing is a form of branding, which is an umbrella term that refers to the process of shaping your company’s image over time. 

This distinction is important to note, as all of your marketing will affect your brand, but there is much more to be done beyond marketing to familiarize customers with your product or service.

Marketing desires a sale, while branding desires a relationship. Below we’ve included five branded marketing ideas to amplify your brand voice.

  1. Be Recognizable

You know when you see an advertisement and you recognize which company it is before they even mention its name? That is successful branding.

An example of this would be the McDonald’s golden arches or the “Ba-da-ba-ba-ba—I’m loving it” jingle. Almost everyone who sees those arches or hears that sound recognizes McDonald’s. Being recognized comes from having consistently branded marketing that people will recognize instantaneously over time.

  2. Have a Clear Mission

Your mission might evolve over time, but it needs to be consistent with the brand values you started with. If your brand’s mission is to deliver eco-friendly skincare, for example, you must be conscious of everything you put out there pertaining to your brand.

Claiming to be an eco-conscious brand means that packaging, skincare ingredients, and office environments should be eco-friendly. You can also use social media platforms to educate your customers about preserving the environment.

Whatever your brand mission, make sure it is recognizable and consistent across your products, social media, and advertising.

  3. Experiential Marketing

The senses are an excellent way to connect with potential customers. Try to deliver experiential marketing by engaging with these potential customers’ senses. Market to their visual, olfactory, hearing, and feeling senses.

  4. Branded Merchandise

Promotional products are a cheap and engaging way to educate customers about your brand. Who doesn’t love free swag?

Promotional products can be anything from t-shirts to wooden bottle openers. Just make sure to customize them with your logo maker.

  5. Cross-Promotion

As a new company, it can be hard to do all of the branding yourself. A great way to educate potential customers about your brand without investing too much time or money is cross-promotion.

Cross-promotion involves advertising with established partners or across multiple platforms to widen your reach. Pick partners that share a brand value or partner with an established brand to create branded promotional products. In doing so you will both benefit from each other’s audiences.

Branded Marketing For Business Growth

Branding is about forming trust with your customers. When brands are recognizable without their name even being present—think Apple, Amazon, and Nike—that’s when successful branding has been achieved.

In short—branding is a pillar of a successful business.

Follow the steps above and you will create an instantly recognizable brand. For more branded marketing tips, check out the business tab on our website.

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