Tips for Protecting Your Car During a Roof Jo

a professional master (roofer) with electric screwdriver covers repairs the roof

Did you know that a roof replacement can take anywhere from one day to over a week? This depends entirely on the type of material used, how fast the roofing company can work, and how much roof they have to cover.

Have you ever wondered how to protect your car during a roofing job? Here are some tips on how to navigate the process and make sure that your car stays in good shape.

Talk to the Roofing Company

Before you start roof replacement preparation, you should meet with your roofing contractor and flesh out a timeline. Most likely, they will keep the work to during daytime hours, so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Your roofing company can give you a rough estimate of how long the job will take. They will also be able to adjust their hours while you are out of the house if you leave for work or school.

The roofing company should also keep you up to date on if there are changes to the timeline. This could change depending on the weather or if they end up needing more materials.

Move Your Vehicle

Even if you know when the roofing company will be there, the best way to protect your car is by moving it out of the way. You can see if there is a spot down the street from your home where you can park it.

Want to know where to park a car during a roofing job? If you have space in your garage, ensure that you park your vehicle there to provide it with the most protection.

However, be sure to let your roofing crew know if you plan to take out your car. That way, they can pause their work and prevent any materials from causing damage to your car.

Ask a Neighbor or Friend

While replacing your roof, you may find that you do not have somewhere to park your car. If you do not have plans to leave the house or use your vehicle, you can talk to a friend or neighbor about parking your car at their house.

Ideally, you should find somewhere that is within easy walking distance of your home. That way, you can still have access to your vehicle if you need to leave for any reason. You can also rest easy knowing your car is with someone that you trust to take care of it.

Prepare Your Car for a Roof Job

If you are getting a roof replacement, you should not have to worry about whether or not your vehicle will be safe. With these roof replacement preparation tips, you can feel confident in keeping your car in good shape during your roof job.

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