How to Decorate Cottage-Style Homes? 4 Tips to Live By

It’s easy to see why even young teenagers are enamored with the idea of living in a cottage. Cottage-style homes are charming and inviting.

If you’ve decided to embrace your love for cottages, you might have begun searching for one of your own. But how exactly should you prepare to decorate it?

We’re here to help you out! Keep reading below to learn four tips to live by when decorating your cottage-style home’s interior and exterior.

Embrace Natural Colors

Cottage homes look most themselves when they’re colored up with natural colors like brown, beige, off-white, and honey yellows. If that all sounds too earthy for you, remember that there are plenty of warm natural colors too, like light pink, cream, and terracotta orange.

Bring on the Textures

Textures are a huge part of the cottage aesthetic too. Wooden paneling on the walls is a great way to bring some texture into your home and offset all the other painted walls with a bit of contrast.

You can extend the texture principle to the decor as well. Handwoven baskets, for example, are great pieces that are both visually appealing and practical, as they can be used to store things.

Afghans and quilts are perfect textural additions as well. They add a cozy and inviting quality to any couch or bed they’re paired with.

Incorporate Greenery

Cottage homes are often looked at as an extension of the outdoor world. So, be sure to bring a little of that inside.

Wildflowers are a wonderful choice to have on your dining table or in the kitchen during the warmer months. During the cooler months, create a little houseplant jungle inside your cottage instead!

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish Furniture

When buying furniture for cottage-style homes, you should always seek out vintage or secondhand pieces. Not only do these furniture pieces support the old-timey aesthetic cottages have, but they also are a better choice for the environment! That’s a win-win.

You can find most large pieces of furniture in antique stores or secondhand shops. Remember to be mindful of mechanical pieces though, like washing units and kitchen appliances. These are often best bought new to ensure they meet modern safety expectations.

Discover the Beauty of Cottage-Style Homes

Cottage-style homes are perfect for solo homeowners, couples, and families alike. These cozy homes encourage the art of simple living and sustainability—it doesn’t get better than that! With the guide above, you can easily begin planning out your cottage design before you make the jump and move in!

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