What Are the Different Types of Loafers That Exist Today?

According to recent studies, people form first impressions in seven seconds. In that short amount of time, a person can form up to 11 snap judgments based almost solely on your appearance.

You might think that first impressions don’t tell the whole story of a person. Yet, it’s hard to rebound from a negative first impression in high-pressure situations like a job interview or first date. The last thing you need is for someone to judge you negatively by your shoes.

As a man, you need a healthy shoe inventory that includes loafers. What are the types of loafers? Read on to learn more about these versatile shoes.

Penny Loafers

Men’s shoe trends come and go, but penny loafers remain a consistent style choice. These slip-on shoes first hit the men’s shoe fashion scene in the 1930s but didn’t gain prominence until the 1950s. Since then, they’ve remained on the feet of fashionable men to wear for leisure or business.

One of the reasons penny loafers make for the best men’s loafers is their versatility. Their dark color makes them perfect for casual or semi-formal events in the spring, summer, and fall.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect penny loafer, check out this list by fashion magazine Marcus Sherman.


You may have previously seen your grandfather wear these loafers. Though long out of style, the kiltie loafer is on the comeback trail for men’s fashion.

The tassels and stylish kilt pattern add an air of formality to your wardrobe without appearing overdressed. You can wear these shoes in the autumn or early winter with a pair of tailored trousers and a sharp sports coat.


Do you want to upgrade your casual look? Are you tired of wearing sneakers or sandals for a quick spin to the supermarket or a few drinks with the boys? Dignify your everyday look with a pair of driving loafers.

These rubber-soled shoes are the best loafers for an easy spring or summer day. They pair well with a pair of shorts, khakis, or blue jeans.


Are you looking for something even more casual? Boat shoes are affordable loafers meant for the younger male who’s looking for a good time. Though they’re not versatile enough for dress wear, they make a great alternative to clunky athletic shoes.

Slip a pair on without socks and stroll the boardwalk in comfort and style.


Are you looking for a more formal loafer style? Nothing screams class and sophistication like a horse-bit loafer.

Where does the name originate? The gold piece across the top is shaped like a horse bit. These loafers were first made fashionable by Gucci, but many other shoemakers adopted the style.

They work well with a casual or semi-formal style, and they add an heir of retro sophistication to your look.

Types of Loafers You Need

You’re judged by how you dress. There’s no denying that humans make first impressions, and it’s hard to recover from a bad one. As a man, you need a wardrobe that includes different types of loafers for any occasion.

Don’t let someone judge you by your shoes. Add sophistication and style to your look with these loafers.

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