5 Awesome Reasons for Investing in Cryptocurrency

Are you looking for the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency? Are you wondering what is cryptocurrency, but haven’t found the time to do your research?

These reasons to invest will light the fire under you and get you motivated to start looking for crypto genius investments of your own. Of course, you’ll want the best investment tips before you start.

Keep reading to find the top five reasons to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

1. Digital Currencies Are the Future

Face it, you hardly use cash anymore in your day-to-day transactions. Going to an ATM or a bank to get cash is a pain, compared to toting around your card. Even then, using digital wallets for your fiat currency, linked to an account or card, is becoming the norm.

How do you know if that digital money is secure? You’re trusting institutions that run the system and governments to regulate them. Why not let a system with a proven track record that can’t be hacked?

One such system is the blockchain network EOS.IO and its EOS crypto coin. Payment systems and blockchains like this one help to create a decentralized network.

2. Portfolio Diversity in a Thriving Ecosystem

The DeFi (decentralized finance) and Dapp (decentralized application) ecosystems in decentralized networks right now are ripe.

There are countless financial products you can take advantage of to make massive profits without massive exposure. It isn’t only the price of a coin or token you can make a profit from, but also the utility (purpose) it was made for.

Someone may be willing to pay more for a governance token than its face value in order to have voting rights, for example.

3. Security Without a Middleman

You may think that avoiding crypto exchanges and their custodial wallets may partially limit your ability to enter the market. These exchanges often run on their own internal network.

This means you’re only trading coins artificially on their network without actual ownership. There have been many famous hacks of exchanges over the years as well.

There are compelling reasons to sidestep traditional centralized exchanges altogether and enter the market through Defi exchange smart contracts instead. You’ll enjoy the security of entire blockchain networks that have never been hacked if you plug directly in.

4. The Potential for Massive Gains

There’s never been a better time for investing in cryptocurrencies. It’s never had more regulatory guidance, ease of use, public exposure, and experience than right now.

In 2021, the total market value of all crypto genius pro more than double. It went from nearly $750 billion to $2 trillion in value. Almost all boats rose with the tide, but the rise isn’t equal across the board.

Some tokens and coins perform better than others. This means you can ride those waves and crests for even larger profits.

5. Stability in an Unstable World

Entire nations, like El Salvador, are putting their trust in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to back them. African nations can’t trust the currency they earn backed by commodities or governments. Likewise, many South American nations use other nations’ fiat currency, like the US dollar.

Using cryptocurrencies has helped them — and their people — to recover some stability they otherwise wouldn’t have or wouldn’t be able to afford.

You too can benefit from the stability of cryptocurrency investment.

The Best Reasons For Investing in Cryptocurrency Today

If these top reasons for investing in cryptocurrency won’t entice you, we’re not sure what will. These five tips may be the best reasons to invest, but they aren’t the only ones.

Now that you want to invest, you’ll need to know some of the basics of cryptocurrency for beginners. For that, you’ll need to keep browsing our articles to know more!

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