Mistakes with Applying for Disability Benefits and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that 2 million people apply for disability benefits each year and only one-third of them get approved? Many of the rejected applications fail because of simple paperwork and filing mistakes.

If you are thinking of applying for disability benefits, you need to ensure you know how to do so correctly. Read on to learn some of the common errors people make when applying for disability benefits so you can avoid them.

Applying for Disability Benefits: Missing Deadlines

There are deadlines you need to meet when you go through the Social Security Disability process. A very common error is not making sure you are meeting those deadlines as you file.

Many times, a disability examiner will contact you to ask for more disability application documents and to do so within a certain period of time. You want to be prompt in fulfilling that request.

Providing Incomplete Information

One of the mistakes that a site like Benefits Claim sees very often is people not providing all of the information required. You need to provide adequate medical documentation to ensure that you get disability benefits. This means evidence from a medical professional who states you cannot work.

Any medical evidence you have, you have to provide to the SSA. You need to include information on previous jobs, as well, and you want to do so accurately because the examiner will look through everything carefully and you do not want any discrepancies.

Providing Wrong Information

Making mistakes on the application, whether inputting wrong phone numbers, a mistaken social security number, or even a misspelled name, can delay your application. If the discrepancy is too great, this may even cause the SSA to deny your application.

Always check your information before sending in the application. If you discover a mistake after you send the application, you can revise it but it will delay the process.

Reapplying Instead of Appealing

If you are denied your claim, you do not want to reapply for disability but appeal the decision. If you do appeal, be sure you meet the deadline when you can file, otherwise, you will not get a chance to do so.

Appeals make it possible for your case to get a second look. The appeal does not go to the same person who reviewed it the first time, so you will get another person to look through the claim.

Filing Without an Expert’s Help

The disability benefits application process is complex and the people reviewing applications are looking for ways to deny you what you deserve. You need to have an expert who can check all of the documents for you and ensure that you have the right amount of evidence to support your claim.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

Applying for disability benefits is a complicated process. You want to have experts on your side to guide you through the entire thing.

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