Electric Bike vs. Electric Scooter: Which Is Right for You?

How do you feel when sitting in your car during heavy traffic and someone on an electric bicycle or scooter flies by? They will get to their destination way ahead of you and at a fraction of the cost and hassle associated with using your own car.

Micro mobility is the buzz on the street. On many U.S streets, this form of electric transportation is legal; it’s convenient and good for the planet. You may be thinking electric bike vs electric scooter, which one is best for you? In this article, we’ll walk you through some key differences that will your choice.

Weight a Minute

Electric vehicles are super convenient but there are going to be times when you must push or carry them. When you get home do you need to carry your vehicle up steps? Do you need to push or carry your vehicle onto public transportation?

Bottom line is that your e-bike vs scooter decision may come down to how much weight you’re prepared to lift. As a general rule, an electric bicycle is about twice the weight of a scooter. Some affordable e-bikes weigh around 60 lbs so if that’s too heavy you may want to go with a scooter.

Striking Distance

How far do you plan to travel on one electric charge? The further you need to go before conveniently charging your vehicle means that you need a bigger battery. So one principle that many people follow is that scooters are well suited to densely populated city areas and e-bikes are better for longer commutes involving more main roads.

When you consider the battery size and power output, speed is another consequence of those variables. If you need to keep up with the speed of moving traffic on larger streets and city roads, then an e-bike may give you an advantage over a scooter.

Ride Comfort 

This is a personal choice. Both vehicles require skill and balance to handle the ride safely. That said, maintaining your balance on a scooter will be more demanding and as a consequence more tiring. 

You might want that because it adds to your daily calorie count. Otherwise, a bicycle will offer more comfort and a greater sense of security. Click here and check out some examples.

Bang for Buck

What is your primary reason for buying this electric vehicle? Do you plan to use it for your commute and for no other reason? Would you like to use your vehicle on the weekend for social activities?

Try to see the bigger picture. Although your primary purpose is for a convenient commute, can you imagine using your bicycle for leisurely riding on the weekend? If you think the answer is no, weekends are for driving then that too may influence your decision.

Electric Bike vs Electric Scooter – Final Thought

In this article, you’ve read about some factors in the electric bike vs electric scooter debate. If you keep these considerations in mind, they will guide you to a good decision. Cost is always a factor but you will find there are many models to suit a wide range of budgets.

Quality will always cost more and it will last longer. Start with what you need first according to the factors in this article and then consider what is a reasonable price point for your budget.

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