How to Have a Happy Baby: 8 Helpful Tips

Did you know that stress can affect your baby? Try to de-stress and relax. If you want to learn how to make sure your baby’s happy, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over different tips on making sure you have a happy baby. Don’t worry, if you’re new parents. Use these tips, or share them with first-time parents. 

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1. Pick up Baby Necessities

To keep your baby healthy and happy, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper supplies. Keep your nursery stocked full of clean diapers and different creams.

You should have clean clothes, as well. Consider checking out Hanna Andersson for quality baby clothes.

If you’re missing something from your nursery, go and get it. Make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need.

2. Hold Your Baby

Cuddling, holding, or carrying your baby will benefit them, and touch will help regulate your baby’s digestion and temperature.

Also, the touch produces a hormone called oxytocin, which will increase the connection between the child and their parent.

When babies get physically neglected, they have a hard time attaching to people later in life.

Without loving contact, children end up with emotional issues later. The children will have abnormal levels of the social-bonding hormones oxytocin and vasopressin.

Try holding your baby in a sling or front pack.

3. Go to Your Baby When They Cry

Crying is a sign of a baby trying to communicate something, not that they are trying to manipulate you. Your baby is signaling to you that they need you. Respond fast when your baby cries, and they will begin to trust you.

Ignoring a crying baby teaches them when they need you, you aren’t always there.

High levels of stress hormones will end up flooding the baby’s brain, and the stress hormone can damage cells. Your baby will have a hard time attaching to others.

Respond to your child. Going to your baby when they cry will promote healthy physical and emotional growth.

Your baby will be less impulsive and aggressive and have an easier time making friends. Forget about the old way that you should leave your baby to cry themselves asleep.

4. Try to Nurse for as Long as Possible

Don’t give up the possibility of nursing your baby if at all possible. Breastfeeding can help foster healthy emotional growth in your baby.

Breastfeeding is a healthier option than feeding your baby formula. Close contact during breastfeeding will also have a positive impact on your baby.

Babies will make eye contact and start connecting facial expressions with emotions. Your baby can begin to understand nonverbal communication.

A lot of how adults communicate is nonverbal. Breastfed babies tend to be calmer. During breastfeeding, they are being held and having their nutritional needs met.

5. Sleep Near Your Child

A lot of parents from non-Western cultures will sleep with their babies every night.

Babies who sleep near their parents end up thriving. The baby will grow up to their potential and have supported physical and mental health.

Babies who sleep with their parents are more connected to their parents. The nighttime feedings and close touch boost mental development.

Babies tend to feel more supported when their parents are near. Sharing a room with your baby can also encourage breastfeeding and help you synch with your baby.

Bed-sharing is controversial. You could instead choose to sleep within reach of your baby. Consider attaching a co-sleeper to your bed. Your baby will be within reach, but you won’t have to worry about rolling over.

Talk to your partner first. If you don’t have your baby stay in your bedroom, ensure your nursery isn’t far.

There should be a rocking chair and comfortable, dim lighting in the room so you can go to your baby at night.

6. Look For a Balance

As a parent, it’s vital not to stress out. Don’t worry about following strict rules. What will work for you and your partner’s lifestyle? Some parenting behaviors will work, while others won’t.

You should remain sensitive to the routine and see if you need to make some changes.

Spend quality time with your baby. You will receive so much advice from your family, friends, and doctors. Trust your instincts as a parent if you’re unsure.

7. Pick up a White Noise Machine

You can add the shushing sound in your nursery by picking up a white noise machine. Look at getting something that will help soothe a baby when they go to sleep.

Make sure you don’t get something too loud that could affect their hearing.

8. Pick up a Pacifier

You should look at picking up a few different pacifiers. Your baby will feel calm when they can use a pacifier. A lot of parents worry their child will get into the habit of sucking on their thumb.

Don’t worry about that. Let your baby calm down and learn how to soothe themselves.

Raise a Happy Baby

We hope this guide on how to raise a happy baby was helpful. You should focus on holding your baby a lot. Babies tend to feel comforted and will have better digestion when they get held.

Also, holding your baby will impact their emotional health. It can also affect their ability to form relationships later.

Are you looking for more parenting tips? Check out our resources on the blog.

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