5 Great Collage Templates for Your Digital Photos

Don’t think you’re creative enough to pull off a photo collage? Here are five great collage templates that are going to help you display your digital photos beautifully.

We love snapping pics and we take an average of 20 photos per day in America. But what are we doing with all of them?

Some people organize their photos into albums, others just let them languish in their phones, seen once and then forgotten about. If you’ve got a lot of photos that you want to show off, have you considered organizing them into a collage?

Photo collages are a great way to capture a moment in time and celebrate it. Displaying your pics comes with tons of benefits, like boosting self-esteem and providing decoration for your home.

1. Symmetrical Collage Template

Let’s start with an easy template to follow. Symmetrically arranged photos are eye-catching and visually pleasing, plus they’re easy to put together.

You can arrange four photos together into four corners or one large photo in the middle with two photos on each side. Think straight edges and clean lines.

2. Asymmetrical Collage Template

Want to think outside of the box? Go wild and create an asymmetrical look by arranging photos of various sizes together.

They don’t have to look disjointed or cluttered, but to look their best, they should fit a theme. This is a perfect template for those who have a lot of different-sized pics realdatesnow

3. Social Sharing

Your digital pics have an online and offline life. While they can be printed out and look great on your walls, maybe you want to still share them on social media, too.

Use an Instagram collage app to make square-shaped collages that work great online and on your wall or office desk. Use high-res photos for these types of collages so that they look good on your screen and are printed out.

4. Heart Collage Template

Ready for a challenge? It takes a little skill but you can put together a romantic and adorable heart collage template by hand or with an online college program.

Using a service like Canva or Adobe can help you digitally arrange pics into a heart shape. If you want to try it by hand, think about using a cluster of photos that you can overlap to get the shape you want and put the biggest photo at the center to draw the eye in.

5. Greeting Card Template

At the end of the year, lots of people like to send out greeting cards to talk about what the past year has been like and what they’re looking forward to in the coming year. Using a photo collage is perfect for this occasion.

The trick is to use one larger main family photo and then flank it with smaller photos of other family members. That way everyone has their time to shine.

More Creative Collage Templates

We guarantee you’re feeling inspired right now. With all of these creative collage templates, you have no excuse for a disorganized digital photo library.

Looking for more ideas to help express yourself? Check out our other photography tips and tricks.

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